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Don’t accept jobs in the morgue

by rikndikndakn123

Ma Lizzie

By Cynic Happy.

I took up a job as a night guard. I shouldn’t have.

By rikndikndakn123.

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  2. Dude that second one was literally amazing that could be a Netflix show like for reaaaall I would love to see it

  3. Holy fuck both stories were absolutely horrifying wat the actual fuck was going on freaky both would be good for movies

  4. The second story is an ungodly salad of horror tropes that is just way too cheesy and basic to be scary or interesting at all.

  5. Maybe a short film. Horror movies nowadays usually suck but if you got a talented team together it would be a great little horror movie.

  6. I watched the ma lizzie storie on my tv at 10 pm (with all the lights of) with my two step brothers brother and its the most terrifying story ive heard. the story telling is so detailed,its just twisted.

  7. Ma Lizza ate a kitten whole and tried to strangle the daughter.
    Why in the FUCK did the mom not kill the abomination granny?!?!
    The night guard story is literally a horror game in text form.

  8. I remember watching a scary storie about a dude with sleep paralysis and he saw a dude in his rocking chair when the paralysis hit. Next dream he asked a girl about the dude and she said you can only ask him 3 questions and he will awnser….. if you ask 4 he will still awnser but will try to kill you. He accidentally asked 4. The dude was dead. Anyway I forgot the name of the dude

  9. Both of these can be made into horror movies dude! They are so damn good… But I was wondering if there was a part two to the second one, cause it really deserves a part two

  10. Greta: I got a white kitten named Snow White

    Greta in the next sentence: Ma Lizzie didn’t really like Snow Ball

    Me wondering when tf the cat’s name changed: 🤔

  11. The rules of the 2nd Story is a big red flag tbh, i would quit that job quicker than me getting dumped.

  12. does anyone here associates the guard history with the SCP game ?
    holy fuck that final "welcome to the company", it flashes my memory with the SCP History


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