This set of fresh riddles, fun brain teasers and cool brain games will deeply puzzle your mind, breaking your heads and testing your vision, brain and personality:

00:14 – Easy riddle for kids that you will fail!
01:44 – Sometimes our dreams can come true at the worst possible time. This short riddle may seem literally heart-breaking, but you don’t have time to shed tears! You will need to both turn on your brain and listen to your heart so that you could find the answer to this mystery riddle!
03:09 – This fun short puzzle for kids and adults will test how quickly you can notice the most unspectacular details! It’s a great puzzle to start your day and warm up your brain before work!
04:44 – This logo quiz will test if you have photographic memory! These famous logos you see almost every day, but your mind doesn’t register it unless it’s activated! These short riddles will test whether your mind is on autopilot or is always on 🧠
07:16 – Instinctively, we reach for those we consider to be successful and try to take an example from them. Each of us has this abstract image of ‘success’ deep inside our subconscious which we project outside all the time. If you let your mind wander freely and choose an image with your heart, this test will show your strongest features that will definitely help you achieve your goals!
08:23 – Who would you save? Hard riddle to make you sweat!
09:47 – Are you good at collecting evidences and testing the fact? You’ll have a chance to prove it right now as we have a super difficult riddle for you! This mysterious crime riddle seems impossible to solve, but I know that there is no such word as ‘impossible’ for your brilliant mind!😉 There are three girls looking very innocent, but you’re sure one of them is the kidnapper. How would you identify the criminal for sure?
11:32 – Fun picture puzzle to puzzle your mind!

TELL me IN THE COMMENTS your answers to the last tricky question.

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  1. This is so annoying, we came to find the answer to your thumbnail, only to hear comment on your answer😠😠😠😠😠

  2. 9:24…..hmmm well …i will not help the cat because i don't think it need help ….the man i don't know how to fix a car #lazygirl😂….and i don't want to hell the girl😂….soo i am helping the old man….but if i had time i will help the girl😊😊

  3. 12:55 Probably the most left woman, with the glasses.

    Also, the most right woman who wears the black dress reminds me of Cinderella from the Disney film of the same name from 1950.

  4. 9:40: The woman with the bags – she is having a lot of trouble and the old man will not get hit by the car because it is being fixed. The cat doesn't need help and the man fixing the car is most likely a professional based on what he's wearing. The woman looks like she is in the most distress as well


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