3 Months of Developing a Rhythm Game in Unity


3 Months of indie game development, our results and progress!

3 months ago we began working on our rhythm game in Unity. We created this video so that we could share our progress and discuss what we’ve learnt. If you enjoyed this video it would be great to hear your feedback. We are always looking for new ideas and things that we can improve.

Thanks for watching!

The music in this video was created by Callum Ball for our game.

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Warren Clark – Main Character
Pixel Poem – Monsters/Dungeon
Ansimuz – NPC’s/Backgrounds

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  1. Really cool video. My dream's to work on a rhythm game (which is how I found your video). I just started with Unity. Having fun looking at tutorials and copying step-by-step games… Just wondering, did you guys know C# when you started with Unity? I'm currently just learning from random videos. If anyone's got tips, feel free to comment. And sorry if I sound clueless – I pretty much still am!

  2. Nice!! You guys helped me sharpen my idea for a rhythm game! I wanted it to be an RPG, too! Though I will say that having the "perfect!!!" "Trash!!!" Flying around is distracting, but otherwise looks like a game id play 🙂

  3. it would be neat to have diffrent enemys that interact with the player in diffrent ways with hoe they approach the player and how the player kills them. like there could be a bird like enemy that swops in from the side at an odd angle to trick the player or a long snake enemy that would have to be held down like a lot of other games implement sliders. Theres a lot of things that could be done here

  4. This seems really promising, can't wait until you release it to the masses. But I also have some suggestions. First, if you can, add enemies to the game. Where, for example, when you defeat a boss or a major enemy, you get rewarded with a new skill like a hold note or a powerup that makes it easier to play. Second, if you can make the character that you play as, move with a swipe instead of tapping where you want that character to move.

  5. Funny i ended up back here again. Last time i was searching for how to do a rhythm style game and i never started. Now im searching the same thing again. I want to do a 3D style rhythm fighting platforming game. It sound cool in my head😅

  6. I watched this video and thought that you had like 200k subs and 800k views or something and then i looked and saw that u are really underrated and i dont know why because the video production in this is amazing to watch and i think this needs to be seen because this video was inspiring to me and i dont even make games i just love the idea of making concepts that dont get explored such as rhythm game rpg great video looking foward to the game coming out. BTW how far into development are you guys.

  7. anyway id recommend having the character lerping to where you tap really quick rather than teleporting there. It would make it less, "testy feelie" if that makes any sense


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