** 750 MINATO (5000 ATK/59x MULTIPLIER) 100% NUKE ** | ** Naruto Ultimate Ninja Blazing *


Time for the FULL NUKE. #ShineyLuck #NarutoBlazing #NarutoBlazing7Star

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  1. Wtf I got Minato on my first summon and my the 5 star was first and it was him( I got 2 on my first summon:)

  2. Game is so fucking pay to win I tried all day and could not win once with the new character and can not win like I’m not getting to just to win a stupid raid

  3. All they need to do is make him ignore sub/dodge on at least 1 jutsu (preferably ult).

    I could care less about the other justu effects. I mean brv kaguya, and the FV’s don’t have justsu effects, but they’re still great units.

  4. I think this minato will be broken in phantom castle
    What do you think guys should I I summon or I have to wait?(I can't wait until the anniversary 🤣)

  5. I think the issue with Minato is that, he does only damage , and exactly what skill units do not need!

    If he give us healing or some different boost with his jutsu, it will be a different story!

  6. He minato is hot dog water and the only reason people are interested is because of the 750 for skill. 7🌟 Naruto? Minato isn’t needed.

  7. So the thing is i kinda Want the minato But im free2play ive got 140 pearls now and i could get close to 400 When the anni arrives

  8. Bro is there gonna be blazing battle points like there was in 2nd anniverary and lottery tickets were we get 2000 pearls if were 1st place on 4th anniverary on naruto blazing bro plz reply bro ASAP!


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