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A playthrough of Acclaim’s 1990 racing game for the NES, Bigfoot.

Does anyone else remember that old show Video Power with that guy Johnny Arcade as the host? The one that featured old Acclaim game characters? That was my first exposure to this game – I wonder how many of you have similar memories?

I thought it was a pretty solid game. As a kid the controls totally confuzzled me, and it took me forever to figure out how to play the side-viewed races (really, why do you have to alternate hitting left and right to accelerate?), but once I had figured it out, the game was a fun, if somewhat short lived and easy, little bit of entertainment.

You travel across country in your ridiculously huge monster truck, racing against other ridiculously huge trucks. Each leg begins with an overhead race in which you battle it out for power-ups and cash, all while trying to destroy the other truck. Once that’s done, you upgrade your vehicle with your winnings and head into a competition round where you smash rows of cars, drag heavy stuff, or drive up steep hills, all while trying to avoid damaging the parts of your Bigfoot.

It’s all pretty simple and the game is quite short, but I enjoyed it. Barring outliers like Back to the Future, it’s about typical of Beam’s quality for the NES. It looks pretty good, the controls work well (once you understand how they work), and it of course includes the obligatory half-naked women posing in front of your truck. But why does the music sound like it just came from a hoedown?

No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. This was a cool game and I beat it with both trucks they should think about remaking this game where you build your own monster truck and you travel the circuit and the final race is agenst bigfoot you go up agenst the legend to become the new champion that would be cool

  2. If anyone still plays this, here are some hints and other things you should know:

    Cross Country Items:

    Wrench: Repairs all the damage to your truck. Usually put in out-of-the-way places.
    $: Cash. Money. Used to buy parts and repairs to your truck.
    Armor: Makes you immune to damage from bumping into trackside obstacles and from the Circular Saw.
    Circular Saw: Lets you attack your opponent's truck. You lose $500 every time your truck is destroyed here.
    Shock: Lets you leap over obstacles. Pair this with a Nitro. It's a lot of fun.
    Nitro: Adds +1 to your boost. Use these toward the Finish Line.

    Running over a Cow makes a lot of $ appear.

    The winner at the end is the one with the most POINTS, not CASH. Don't forget that.

    You start with $5000. Every new truck starts with $5000 as well.

    City Events:

    Controls: D-Pad alternating left, right – Accelerate.
    B: Supercharger.
    A: Shift gears (You CANNOT shift gears UNLESS you engage your Supercharger first. Or maybe you can, but it won't do any good.)

    Your truck MUST be functional to win the event or a heat. That is, you must have at least ONE (1) of each working part, AND you must have fuel left in your tank when you cross the Finish Line. If your truck, say, fries its engine but you still make it over the line before your opponent, your victory does not count. Your truck MUST be RUNNING AND FUNCTIONAL to win. Destroying ANY part of your truck (damaging it four times in one heat/event) will disqualify you for that heat and you will have to repair it to continue competing. If you cannot afford repairs, your game is over! If you're playing Two-Player Mode, Player Two MUST also have a functional truck AND MUST cross the Finish Line to win the heat/event even if Player One is damaged out/out of fuel. If both players run out of fuel or damage out their trucks, the heat ends in a draw. If it's the Play-Off round, the entire event is a draw and no prizes are awarded.

    Tachometer: Shows how hard you're pushing your engine. If it's completely to the left, the engine is cold and in good shape. In the middle means it's heating up, and close to the right means it's too hot. Keep pushing it and you'll damage it. Damage it four times and you'll fry it. Don't fry your engine. That's expensive to repair! You'll hear a warning sound when your Tachometer gets to critical levels. Back off the throttle to cool it off. The more aggressively you alternate left and right on the D-Pad the harder you push your truck and the faster the heat builds. Go slowly to avoid damaging and frying your engine. Using your Supercharger will heat up your engine even if the truck is immobile. Using it while moving will heat it up even faster.

    Fuel: Shows how much fuel you have left in your tank. In every race past Mesa, Arizona, you will have Fuel checkpoints that will refill your fuel gauge. If it runs out, you will lose the event. Don't dawdle! It runs out FAST!

    It costs $1000 to enter each City Event. This is mandatory. If you cannot pay, it's Game Over. If the CPU cannot pay, it goes broke and it engages its next algorithm. You are NOT competing against the TRUCKS themselves, but against the CPU driving said trucks. It has at least five it can play with. If the current truck cannot pay to enter a City Event, the next truck gets in free. It also starts with a maxed-out truck. This is done because at only $5000 the truck still could not afford all the parts it needed to be competitive. So, yes, the game cheats in favor of the CPU. Believe me, it needs ALL THE HELP IT CAN GET.

    Side Note: A full set of each part costs $2000, that is, one Engine, one Tire, one Shock, and one Gearbox.. To fully upgrade your truck if all parts were destroyed, you would need $8000. A full set of Engines costs $3200. A full set of Tires costs $2400, Gearbox is $1600, and the Shocks are $800. The parts that are most important are listed in the order their shown. Engines and Tires are most important. Gearbox third, and Shocks fourth. If you cannot afford all parts, your truck's performance will suffer DRASTICALLY. Don't believe me? Try it for yourself and see.

    The events are:

    Car Crunch: Fairly easy, though the later one includes mud.

    Tractor Pull: Easy once you know the trick to it. As soon as you're out of the gate, hit that Supercharger, and shift to max gear. Pour on the steam and rake in your victory.

    Hill Climb: Pay CLOSE attention to your tachometer here. This event will absolutely SHRED your tires. That's unavoidable. Engines should only blow if you don't play smart. When you hear that beep beep beep warning sound, back off the throttle.

    Mud Race: Use your Supercharger and Gears to get through the mud bogs. Take it easy otherwise.

    Oyster Bay Drag Race: It will probably damage your shocks a time or two. Don't sweat it. They're dirt cheap to replace.

    Ahem…I think that about covers it all.

  3. Still one of my top NES games to play bro. The music went perfectly with this game that I would dance to the music to it. 8^)

  4. This was the only game on NES that my parent bought specifically for me. After about a month of having it, my brother traded it to a neighbor kid for something he wanted

  5. Had this for NES as a kid. I liked monster trucks and bigfoot more than pretty much anything else but I was only 3 and I could not figure out how to actually play this game

  6. Brings back so many memories. I remember turning down the volume. Turning on the stereo or popping my favorite cassette in the deck. No need for silly music.


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