Can You Find Your Glasses? – The Game


We did a bad thing.

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  1. I'm a gymnast that doesn't wear my glasses because they fall off easily, but doesn't wear contacts either, so I'm used to being half blind XD But it's still a struggle, especially on beam.

  2. I was hoping there were like 8 people in one room all looking for their glasses and just like hitting each other cause they cant see anything. THATS a fun game

  3. If you got someone with 20/20 vision and hid a pen in that room it would have yielded the same exact result…

  4. Next on Buzzfeed: Visually impaired people try finding their walking sticks hidden by bored people at Buzzfeed

  5. Just put mine on the floor and I'm screwed. Well I guess everyone would be screwed if you put them on the floor

  6. The hiding place defeats the point of the video. The funny part is that he can't see, and they hid the glasses where he couldn't see them even I he had his glasses. So what was the point. This would've been dificult for anyone. Way to ruin a pretty good idea buzzfeed

  7. without my glasses I have to put my face really close to everything just so I can see, so you can imagine what I look like walking around putting my face up to everything…


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