Candyland Board Game: Disney Princess Edition


Here’s a fun little board game that we’ve had here at home for about a year now, so you’ll notice it’s a little worn down from use. It’s the famous CandyLand board game, but with a twist: It’s a Disney Princess Candyland edition.

The game comes with a special board with lots of Disney Princess artwork on it, as well as a few special princess themed cards to go along with the regular colored cards. Three princess figurines are included with this CandyLand board game: Princess Ariel (the Little Mermaid), Cinderella, and Rapunzel.

There are instructions included in case you don’t know how to play. But essentially you draw cards and move according to the card (i.e. if it’s a red square, move to the next red square, if it’s two blue squares, jump two blue squares ahead.

In this video, we played a very quick game, thanks to my daughter getting the “Dopey” card, which sprung her ahead to near the end of the game. I thought maybe she cheated, but it looks legit in the replay.

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