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Watch in High Definition. Classic Game Room HD reviews the Nintendo Wii WHEEL for games like Mario Kart! Insert the Wiimote or Wii Controller (as it’s called) into the Wii Wheel and steer just like a real steering wheel, except without it being attached to anything. The wii wheel comes with versions of the MarioKart game and does not require any additional batteries or accessories, all you do is simple place the Wii Controller into it, get it?? GET IT!??? How much more simple can you get? You could steer with the Wii controller but you won’t because I said so. Use the Wii Wheel instead because it’s Wii-tastic! Classic Game Room HD reviews Nintendo Wiii, SNES, N64 and NES hardware, controllers and accessories. To find a list of games compatible with Wii Wheel search online, but we’ve used it for Mario Kart Wii and NASCAR Kart Racing with great success. What games work with Wii wheel? What games work is a subjective question, what works for some may cause extreme discomfort and itching for others. Do not use Wii Wheel while taking other medication. Serious liver damage may occur. We made that up, ignore that. Your liver will probably be just fine.


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  1. I think the wii wheel in my opinion, made the experience more immersive. I can't use it anymore but it was cool when I was a kid

  2. I use the remote like that for all my video games Mario, Disney Cars and Nascar speaking of that i want to see a video of all your game and system coleection can you do one please


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