Creating a Simple Game in QBasic


Hey Guys! Today, we are showing the creation of a simple game in QBasic (Microsoft Quick Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code), an IDE and interpreter for a variety of the BASIC programming language which is based on QuickBASIC. This is very easy but you need to know how to create programs in QBasic.
To try this game first of all download all files and put them in same location (remember qb64 is needed for this)
bas file:-
additional file:-
qb64 :-
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Video Credits: Samrat Luintel


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  1. I 2 make such videos… I appreciate your hard work <3… however, I have a small recommendation, add "_DISPLAY" at the end of your main loop that will work for your flickering issue. also when using "_DISPLAY", you will need to write it at the end of every point in your code after you completed displaying sth.

  2. Woah its a very nice game!!
    🎉Your a very good Developer KeeP it Up!!🎉


  3. hi what are you showing . are you foolish man . how can understand any student that what will do hear in this program, how many variables you are used hear.

  4. You Idiot what is the point of calling this how to make a basic game 👎👎👎👎. This was a 💩💩

  5. Well presented! So many details to understand!

    By the way, is it ok if i can get your advice on these android app below? I am still a beginner and hope to learn from everyone. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!…

    Just search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Google Play Store (P & A are case sensitive).

    appreciate ya !!

  6. I made a video on how to make a QBASIC tank game. I am new to YouTube. Can you please subscribe to my channel?
    Video link:

  7. Hey there! That's a very good try you've made, but it would be better if you'd rename this video as "Creating a simple game in QB64", not QBasic, because QB64 is (probably) a recent extension of QBasic, and supports modern graphics and sounds (?) which the actual olden QBasic versions don't support. So… QBasic and QB64 aren't the same. Still, I appreciate your work! It's great!


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