In todays Impact Show we talk to Stan Utley world renowned short game coach to tour players as well as amateur golfers. We discuss the differences between amateurs and professionals in their short game and some of the common misconceptions as well as discussing what Stan feels is the most consistent way to chip. We hope you enjoy.


Orange Whip:

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  1. so far a very best out of meandmygolf, every time I watch this video I instantly learn abit more about the release!

  2. The fly fishing analogy instantly improved my pitching… it's all about stopping that front hand at the bottom of the swing and allowing the club to accelerate into the ball, creating a crisp blow while pivoting on the follow through. Easy and Awesome. Why did someone not tell me this 40 years ago. Thanks Stan Utley. Your the bomb!

  3. This guy thought Tiger Woods was sitting at his house watching YouTube videos when he explained this stuff. This was not aimed to amateur golfers at all

  4. I just watched another YouTube video with the main idea being to keep the club handle moving through the shot. This one tells me to keep the handle quiet and focus on the club head. Both very respected teachers. Conclusion: There's no one correct way to do anything, it's what you've mastered.

  5. "I'm swinging at THE TURF,… MORE than I'm swinging at the ball" 9:04 That's why Stan Utley is a world class short game teacher! Great stuff.

  6. I think people forget that at the end of the day you’re trying to get a little ball in a hole not have the perfect swing.

    Yes i agree if you’re thinning chips or chunking them you need a lesson, but if you’re hitting them ok with a bit of check then just stick with it and practice with that

  7. To those who were lost by this video, he was trying to say in simple terms that if you swing your wedges and chip shots(when using your wedge) with a very shallow approach into the ball then the club will slide under the ball more consistently verses trying to chop at the ball with a more vertical swing which has less room for error. Think Slide, not dig!

  8. I just found this out today, chipping in my backyard. It's so weird how I happened upon this video . Usually it works the other way……you watch the video ,THEN put it into practice.

  9. I wonder if this advice is good for irons and woods too….I'm going to assume not though. Anyone on this?

  10. When I first saw this I thought the same as many – what about Phil's hinge & hold! I've been playing around with the H&H and also another chipping technique much like Stan is describing. Can't decide what I prefer really. I seem to have less shanks with the H&H at present but I suppose when it does go wrong it could be very disastrous. Interesting video to watch and like they say – there's more than one way to skin a cat!

  11. The basic swing to hit the ball straight can be learned from YouTube. Curving, creating spin and hitting the ball almost flawlessly every swing you definitely need lessons. Knowing what club to use. That takes time with experience. Everyone has different strength. After more experience you will notice how much power to use to try to get in hole. for example from 30 yards if your in a bunker the rough or fairway

  12. watched again and this guy pulled me out of my swing crisis, again. Love that Andy got him to talk a bit more about what he meant by controlling the bottom of the wedge by extending the left side. great content thanks guys.

  13. i have to work on this. now i get the turn better. i was reaching down too much. i will practice this in the morning….

  14. Great interview with Stan – have his books and seeing him on video is a real bonus .Dave Pelz next ?

  15. Hi! I was actually working a lot on developing more softness in my pitch shots. I feel like increased release of the clubhead through the ball, as shown by Stan Utley, helps a lot.

    @Meandmygolf what do you think?! looking at this training video I made of myself a while ago?! –>

  16. it takes some experience in golf swing to really understand what he was talking about. great insight, got my mind cleared so much.

  17. this guy is full of shit! go watch Phil Mickelson secrets of the short game this guy is telling you all wrong


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