Doc McStuffins Operation from Hasbro


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The classic game of Operation has gotten a makeover with Doc McStuffins Operation, featuring all the characters from Disney’s popular show Doc McStuffins. Fix all the boo boos like Doc while avoiding the buzzer. The object of the game is to collect the most boo boos by fixing up Doc McStuffins’ friends.

The youngest player goes first. Using the tweezers, remove a boo boo without touching the metal sides. If the tweezers touch the metal sides, the red light and buzzer go off, and your turn is over. If you successfully remove the boo boo, then put a bandage over it, and pass the tweezers to the “doc” on your left.

All nine of the boo boo pieces store neatly in the attached compartment underneath the game board. This game is for one or more players.


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