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NOTE: The hard drive failure I speak of is the same one from earlier in the year, it just took a long while to get this together.

Music courtesy of friendo, Adam Palmer. Check out his channel here!

Radigan Conagher model by Gerre
DISCLAIMER : while working on this piece, I suffered a major hard drive data failure. Because of that, I was never able to properly finish and polish this film. However I did have enough remaining renders to string together an unpolished cut of the piece for release anyway. But please excuse the lack of proper depth of field or high quality rendering and animation polish.

This footage is from earlier int he year, around march or april, it has just taken that long to get the chunks fixed back together.

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  1. That civilian is a spy. Got me laughing when I saw the bobble head civilian with spies body. It's still good the animation is cartoonish, but I think the cartoonish style makes it funnier


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