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Try joins forces with Game Dave to find the ultimate solution for storing and displaying Game Boy games.


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  1. Does anyone else find it funny that two collectors of nerdy things are surprised that other people collect nerdy things?

  2. That is so beautiful. Hmm…video was uploaded over 3 years ago…I bet the collectors have caused the prices of nail polish shelves to sky rocket…ugh! (/s)

  3. What about those flip through poster displays you see when buying posters at Spencer's gifts or whatever, if you could have sheets of GameBoy games on display? There's got to be a way to do that but have them accessible to grab as well.

  4. If there's anyone watching this now I recommend watching NesComplex's video on using cassette tape cases for storing Game Boy, Game Boy Color and loose Turbo Grafix 16/ PC Engine games. It's a great watch.

  5. Wish had a gameboy even if my mom and dad doesn't want me to have one because they said that I wouldn't enjoy it because it needs cartridge and no backlight screen but I saw one from shoope it is modified with a backlight screen and a black screen but they still don't want me to have one wish I was 18😓😓😓😥😥😥

  6. Does anyone knowna place in the UK to buy those same nail polish stands with the same dimensions? Almost every display solution I hear about, it's just not available in the UK (rosecolouredgaming stands, wholesale cassette tape boxes, nail polish stands etc). Angry!

  7. Pretty cool I will get one for my game boy games & game boy advances and the Nintendo switch games in there cases of course I'm pretty much happy as a gamer I'm single so game on.

  8. This is excellent for Gameboy carts in particular, but not too stable for the actual consoles. The individual shelves have very little room, so they stand up very straight with only a tiny lip supporting them. Good for display, but if you feel like taking a Gameboy off? Be careful or it all comes tumbling down.

    I've seen some wired racks for Candy boxes in retail that could maybe do the trick though. Gonna see if I can find one the right size.

  9. nail polish rack, such a great idea! those nail salons are gonna have hard time ordering a new rack now with all the gamers buying em off I bet lol

  10. 4:34 what cartridge holder is that for the gameboy advance games? The ones i have right now are really hard to open.

  11. For on the wall I'd consider using one of those deep frames from Ikea. Fairly sure with some thin strips of wood you can make the framework inside one to mount cartridges on the wall.

  12. Seems like a good deal at 15 a piece but I think I'm gonna save some money and build wooden ones identical to these

  13. There’s actually nice looking N64 side labels for all games now you can get off of EBay for $6.00. That way you can line the, up like any other cartridge game with side labels.

  14. Something interesting about this solution is that it separates your boxed stuff from loose carts, so boxed and loose can look independently impressive. (when you don't have the box for Shantae or something…) Maybe plastic cd sleeves could work for loose inserts, so you don't have to wear down a box each time you take them out.

  15. Have you guys seen the cassette tape case solution NESComplex did? It's beautiful and works for TurboGrafx stuff too!

  16. Oh god I’m gonna need more space for all these cartridges… My setup of a self for SNES games, a shelf of Mega Drive fames, and 5 old suitcases full of ZX Spectrum games up in the loft is not gonna work in the future as I collect more games and consoles… Probably gonna have to resort to more shelving and those fancy binders…

  17. The issue here is that while the shelf is nice, the games are exposed to all conditions. Light and heat can make the games turn yellow…

  18. I'd still prefer a solution which protected the label from light damage. Some sort of case that could display a spine label.

  19. This channel is so under appreciated! It's a hidden gem and deserves 10x the subscriptions. I subbed after the first 2mins on rhe first video I watched!

  20. hello where can I find those wall racks where there are all the games on display, they seem metallic and modular …?


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