Genesis Does! Analogue Mega Sg Cartridge Adapters


PSA! Throw your Game Gear adapter AWAY. — Just released last week by Analogue, my three pack of Mega Sg cartridge adapters arrived by FedEx the same day I’m releasing this video — February 13, 2020. I have Game Gear games and Sega Master System cards I can test two of the three with, but I don’t own any 1000 or 3000 series games for the third — my apologies. Also be aware that if you’ve been using the Smokemonster SD card jailbreak, you will lose that functionality once you upgrade your firmware to support these new adapters, and that update is in fact REQUIRED. The adapters don’t work without it. Subscribe to Mistah MegaManFan for new episodes of Genesis Does every Thursday at 8 PM ET. Your likes, comments and shares are appreciated. As always thank you for watching! PS: Update video at for jailbreak support!

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  1. More Analogue disappointment in frustrated customers.

    1) The delay
    2) The bundle
    3) The price

    …add to that 4) The extremely limited run that sells out in less than three hours after they send out the announcement in their newsletter. What did they produce, ten bundles? And absolutely no communication since then, as per usual with Analogue.

    Good video though and the only one I’ve come by on the subject!

  2. I found a bug with the recent 4.7 firmware update that i'm not sure others have really looked for. In 4.7 when playing Master System games there is a judder in the frame rate that appears every 7 seconds in PAL mode and every 3 seconds in NTSC USA/JAP modes, yes even when you're using the (Zero Lag, Zero Delay option). Once you know the judder is there it makes it very hard to enjoy your game because you then know that every few seconds there is going to be a slight pause in the frame rate. Example: Play Sonic The Hedgehog SMS and play until the second level and drop down the pit and get the shield, pay very close attention to every frame when Sonic has the shield, you'll notice a slight pause every few seconds and this only happens on firmware 4.7. 4.6 is actually better as it's completely smooth. I upgraded to 4.7 and then I noticed the judder/tear in the frame rate for Master System games so I then immediately went back to 4.6 and still to this day i'm using 4.6 firmware. Sorry but if it means having smooth frame rate and no Game Gear compatibility then that's what i'll stick to. This is a bug that Analogue have yet to fix and I did report it to them on their troubleshooting/general questions page. Let's hope they bring out a 4.8 update that fixes this and maybe even the slight static noises when playing Mega Drive games.

  3. You must have been the only one to get the cartridge adapters.
    I went on the site 2 minutes after being notified, and they were sold out.
    Did they only do a run of 10 sets ?
    They still say sold out.

  4. I don't have a Mega SG but I will be getting a pocket, and as I understand it, they're making a GG adapter for that as well.

  5. Maaannnnn, only recently I checked out the Analogue website for the Analogue Pocket. Then I saw these but they were sold out, so I’m hoping they’ll make more and won’t be a limited time thing!

  6. Nice gear! Pity about the jailbreak being written over in the firmware upgrade, but here's hoping a workaround comes out soon!
    I remember someone asking for advice on Ghost House in a UK game mag, saying the game was "impossible", which prompted the mag's response to start with "No, unlike balancing a large bratwurst on the end of your nose whilst doing the can-can, Ghost House is not impossible."


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