How to install Nodogsplash captive portal and fix RedirectURL error on OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05


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Nodogsplash offers a simple way to provide restricted access to an Internet connection using a captive portal.
How ever when upgrade my TL-WDR4300ND router from OpenWrt Barrier Breaker 14.07 to Chaos Calmer 15.05, we facing some problem with Nodogsplash
In this video I will work around with RedirectURL so my customers can be re-directed to a website after clicking authenticating button
To prepare a fresh start, I flash my router to Chaos Calmer 15.05 with out keeping settings
After flashing, just login and set your password
Save and Apply the settings
Now we can check the System Log to review system information and running services
Now check System software, Nodogsplash has not been installed.
Normally, you can Download and install package from here, but since the Nodogsplash package has some bug so we can do the other way
Now go go and scroll down to OpenWrt BarrierBreaker 14.07 part
Click the link and click ar71xx/
generic/ then package/ then routing/
Now you can find nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.8-2_ar71xx.ipk download it to a folder
You can note we are downloading nodogsplash 0.9 beta9.9.8-2 ar71xx
Let’s see what version is in Chaos Calmer 15.05
So nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.9-5_ar71xx.ipk is the version with some bugs and RedirectURL could not be used
This version end with 5 and our working version end with 2
nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.8-2_ar71xx.ipk is now downloaded to my computer
Now I will use WinSCP to copy the downloaded .ipk file to my router
I need to update securiry since it is the first time I connect to it.
I will drag and drop the file to /tmp folder on the router
Now access the router with Putty
Accept Security Alert again and login with root
Now I will update software list with opkg update
Normally, you will install nodogsplash with the command opkg install nodogsplash but it will install nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.9-5_ar71xx.ipk
With known bugs, so I will not do it. Instead, I will install the package I downloaded and put in /tmp directory
so my comman is opkg install /tmp/nodog*
My nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.8-2_ar71xx.ipk which goes with OpenWrt BarrierBreaker 14.07 is now installing on router running Chaos Calmer
Now check System software you can find Nodogsplash package installed
And the version is 0.9_beta9.9.8-2 as expected
Now we can go to System Startup to enable and start nodogsplash service
Now if you try to access any web page, the Splash page is displayed and you need to click splash icon to accept
My computer’s IP address has been authenticated and added to client list
Now we will connect to the router with WinSCP again to config RedirectURL
navigate to /etc/nodogsplash and edit nodogsplash.conf file
Search for RedirectURL, remore # and put your redirected URL in my case, I put my website
Save the file and close WinSCP the restart nodogsplash service
Now RedirectURL works as expected, I am redirected to FREE WIFI MARKETING
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  1. Hello, Great Tutorial!!

    I have to say, it helped me alot, I got it working in just a few minutes.
    Lost 2 days trying to configure with the opkg install nodogsplash command, I had no clue it was full of bugs.

    Anyways, do you know how I could make, let's say, a "timer" for each IP that authenticates?
    Suppose I connect to the router today, I only get the splash screen ONCE per day. After a certain hour, it will appear again.

    Or even better, people would get redirected everytime they connect to the router again.

    Really appreaciated the video, best regards!

  2. Hello. If you need to customize the nodogsplash follow this >

  3. Hi I am using an raspberry pi 3 to make a captive portal for social login via facebook, could you give me a help or indicate a tutorial using nodogsplash to do this? Many thanks.

  4. hello thank you for this video .. the splash page opens only when I go to else it didn't work with other url (no splash page + no access to url)

  5. Hi WiFi Marketing Solutions, you deserve some benefit for this. The only thing that I still need with this is redirecturl. my pages do not pop up. there is something with that sricpt, that has to be adjusted, I guess. Regards from Berlin.

  6. Hi, I am having a problem. I have successfully installed and showed remote splash page but it is working for only port 80 websites. it is not blocking port 443 (https) websites. Please refer to the link

    This link says that the 0.9_beta9.9.8-1 version is open to open 443 ports websites. Can we use 0.9_beta9.9.6-3 version in chaos calmer as it supports blocking of all ports.

  7. I have a TPLINK WR841ND v10 with openwrt 15 nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.8-2_ar71xx.ipk works well, but by changing the value of download and upload speed Internet and lease time does not work. You could say, that it might be failing.

  8. A query am trying to install a TPLINK 1043nd nodogsplash v3 with sgte opkg install command /tmp/nodogsplash_0.9_beta9.9.8-2_ar71xx.ipk
      sgte and I get the error.

    Collected errors:
      * Satisfy_dependencies_for: Can not Satisfy the following dependencies for nodogsplash:
      * Kernel (= 4.4.14-1-8110c044b7cffa745c7e788600c62dba) *
      * Opkg_install_cmd: Can not install package nodogsplash.

    The strange thing is that I already had installed earlier, but since factory and resets it back to instaalar quice the .me nodogsplash boot this error. I hope you can help me .. thanks. Greetings.

  9. Hello, how can I set time limit? I mean I want it to disconnect after 30 mins and show landing page again. How?

  10. I did everything but it does not work with the router 1043ND V3 NOT ME Redirects BIENIVENIDA PAGE OF NODOGSPLASH.

  11. Hi, good video!

    Is it possible to use a web server for the authentication? So the splash page is hosted on a web server, and then they get authenticated via it?


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