How To Join / Merge MP4 Video Files Together "free and easy"


This should work ok so fingers crossed

You can place the 3 files anywhere you like just as long as there in the same folder as the videos you want to join

1: Click List Videos which will give you a Text File of the files it’s going to join
2: Click Merge which will then read the Text file and load into ffmpeg

PS I’ve also done a Bat file which will do both jobs in one go List & Merge

MKV Versions
Merge MKV
List & Merge MKV

I’ve included the 64 bit version of ffmpeg but you can swap to the 32 bit version if needed plus if a new version come out you can just swap without any problems

Have fun and hope it helps


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  1. Hello, thanks for this great video. Is there any way to decrease the volume 2 seconds before end of video. I crop one video. Volume is same from start to end. I like to get start and end of the video with lower volume.

  2. I sure wished this Merge MP4 Files would have worked for me. The instructions are clear as a bell. The merge goes lickity-split but the OUTPUT file is nothing at 0 KB. I tried a different merge program before with the exact same results. What could be wrong?

  3. trying to merge 360 ts files i downloaded from google chrome using dev tools and i can not get this method to work at all.
    EDIT: used a screen recorder to see what cmd.exe were saying… something about the list and ffmeg is not recognised as in internal or external command operable program or batch file. whatever the hell that means lol.

  4. Oh wow! mate your awesome.
    These tools and method would have saved me plenty had I known about them long ago.
    I saw your other video about joining .TS files and I'm toasting a Guinness to you right now.
    You've made my Christmas….Thank You!


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