How to Open and Clean a Sega Game Gear Cartridge with Dirty Contacts


A short video showing the use of a 3.8mm Gamebit Tool to open and clean the dirty contacts on a Sega Game Gear cartridge

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  1. i take it that the 3.8mm Gamebit Tool if fot the game cartridge i know it seems silly to game the one on the game gear it silf is bigger thank you

  2. tried to open GG case but was scared would BREAK it if applied too much force open cartridge. Opening Game Boy, NES etc so much easier

  3. buddy…I am so subbing you. I just fixed my sonic 2 using this method you showed. I was so bummed out about it. It would not work even a little. Tried to clean it the way you would an nes cart but the q tip wouldn't go in so well. I did manage to get the q tip inside with a little rubbing alcohol but even after cleaning it this way…no good and I was worried I was gonna damage the cart if I tried harder. I thought my game was dead…thanks man this really did the trick.

  4. A lot simpler to open than I expected. A lot of machines have screws under the label, which of course is very bad!  And then you have some of the Atari 8-bit ones that have the dreaded spring!

  5. A short video showing how to open and clean the dirty contacts on a Sega Game Gear cartridge.


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