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This is How to record facecam in gaming videos tutorial.
Even Though this is pretty much Facecam tutorial for Gamers You could Use this Method for any other video that needs facecam .
This is Xbox and PS4 face cam tutorial but it will work with PC and other media too.
So First put Your Game On , Lower the TV Volume because You want The iPhone or tablet for another smart phone to Record Your Voice ONLY while The PS4 or Xbox One is Recording The Game with Audio.
That Way Your too Sources of Audio are Separate .
Then Start Your Gameplay and Right a way Start Recording Your Video From Your Phone Facing You .
When Finished Try To Stop Recording Your Facecam ( phone ) and Gameplay at The same Time .
Then Import These Files From Your Smart Phone or Tablet and Xbox One or PS4.
Then Put it to any Video editing App or program .Put Both Layers on Top of each other , Adjust Only The Facecam Layer ( make it Smaller ) so You’ll See Majority of Your Screen being a Gameplay Finally Adjust The Facecam Audio Usually Louder while Slightly Reducing Gaming Volume .
And You’re DONE !
You Could Even Do like PRO Gamers do … a green screen facecam setup , This setup will Remove all Your Background Except for Your Body So You’ll be Only Sorounded With Your actual Gameplay .
I Hope this Facecam Tips & Tricks video Helps
Thank You for Watching
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