Love Sick (Short Film)


Check out my latest short film YOUNG AMERICANS at or on my channel. Thanks guys!

‘Love Sick’ Awards and Festivals:
WINNER – Fringe Film Festival 2011 – Grand Jury Prize
WINNER – Fear No Film 2011 – Utah Short Film of the Year
WINNER – CityWeekly Artys 2011 – Reader’s Choice Award
WINNER – Salt Lake Comedy Festival 2012 – Best Actor – Josh Cameron
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Action on Film Festival 2011
OFFICIAL SELECTION – HollyShorts Film Festival 2011
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Who Likes Short Shorts Festival Spring 2011
OFFICIAL SELECTION – Film-Sharing Festival (Germany)

Written, Directed and Edited by Kevin Lacy, Starring Josh Cameron, Tatum Langton, Heather Maughn, Kristina Reese, Tristan Phillips, Music Composed and Performed by Randin Graves Cinematography by Austin James Green. Produced by Shannalee Otanez, Special Thanks to Michelle Lacy, Diane Beam and Pepper’s Pitas, and the SLCPD for being oblivious to the fact that we were shooting this.


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  1. Love this , living here in Utah and knowing this was the downtown trax by the library it was funny to know the next station was a block away when he said like 14 something blocks away 😂

  2. I am am right there with Anna Maria on the Bieber line. Well… I can't be there with her because apparently she literally died. She will be missed.

  3. Kevin needs to make more movies!!! Seriously dude. Your movies make me happy. And this is all about me. And I want more.


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