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  1. Almost got all new traits and jewelery, apart from the Survival ones. For me, one of the best games of 2019-220 😀

  2. I was like what? Something new in Warframe that wasn't announced on a dev stream 2 years before it made it into the game?

  3. I love your accent, I really do but fuk me if I know what you said at the beginning there xD "OooHHhh shhhnd shhhimmy a jolt, hoverbike hoverbike, I'm dewn" hahaha 😀 Also this game is dope, I'm so glad to see that they put out more awesome content. Hope to see more Remnant vids, this was hilarious and amazing !

  4. It's a good game. Been thinking about grabbing the DLC lol. No friends though that play it haha. So I just get bored lmao

  5. Hey TP love the new content , I tried to get into it but having hard time, any Noob friendly guide for Remnant in the near future.

  6. I'm glad to see something other than Warframe from you, taking a break from Warframe myself. Keep it and keep it fresh.
    Try Dauntless, it's free to play monster hunting game, it's really good

  7. Damn I have to redownload the game again. Did almost everything back when it came out. Sniper rifle was my favourite.

  8. I had no idea this game got a dlc,i played it a LOT for the first 2 months after it came out, then sorta forgot about it.Well, it seems its time to return to it then

  9. I joined near the end of your stream on this update but it was so enjoyable still. Happy to see this fight uploaded though!

  10. Oh dude potatoe I would totally play this game with you. I play it on ps4 and I'm waiting on the update on console

  11. I'm sorry you have to put up with these ignorant Warframe fanboys. "WhErE mUh WaRfRaME cOnTeNt At" these Remnant videos are good, keep at doing what you wanna do man.

  12. i haven't seen anyone play remnant in forever one of my favorite games until i got bored after 11ish playthroughs

  13. I hate this game. Strictly because the boss fights. Dying to a boss 300 times is fine. Dying to a boss with three moves 300 times because the adds blocked your roll or stunlocked you or one-shot you. Is not fun.

    Although i do like watching other people play it

  14. I killed this one last night, fun fight without the thousand annoying mobs getting in the way like every other boss lol I hate bosses that bring half a country with them

  15. Rework? Don't you mean patch? No dlc leaves you with basic swamp with no option in adventure mode still missing for carsus.

  16. I'm so happy this game is still being supported and has DLC now. But I have to wait for it to release on console sadly lol


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