Monopoly Empire from Hasbro


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Monopoly Empire is an all-new version of the classic Monopoly game from Hasbro. And unlike the original game, there are no cards in Monopoly Empire. Instead, players build their “empires” by buying and selling world-famous brands to create the tallest billboard tower.

Players start by selecting one of the six branded game tokens: a Ducati motorcycle, McDonald’s French fries, an Xbox controller, a Coca-Cola bottle, a Chevrolet racecar, or a Paramount clapboard. Then players take turns moving around the board game, buying up brands, and adding them to their towers. Continue around the board and be the first player to stack your billboards to the top of your tower to win the game.

The game features 22 top brands throughout the game, including Nerf, JetBlue, Spotify, and more. A guide to the brands is also included in the back of the game guide. The game also includes a game board, four towers, six tokens, 30 billboard tiles, six office tiles, 14 chance cards, 14 empire cards, a money pack, and two dice.


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  1. Monopoly empire is worse than monopoly junior. The concept of buying brands good but the game ends in like less than 20 minutes. You could like buy the blue and green properties and end it. I’ll rather play monopoly junior than Monopoly Empire

  2. Can somebody please clarify something about this game? Your pieces that you buy should go on the tower in the order you buy them right? Or are you free to put them in any order and move them/change the order?

  3. If a player is not paying attention and I land on his brand but he doesn't see it, and the next player rolls, am I obligated to pay for landing on his space?

  4. is a hand and a 1 considered to be a "double roll"? i think its not but i have other family that think otherwise..

  5. Looks very close to something I invented almost 20 years ago. I hope it doesn't catch on just like you said it wouldn't Hasbro. 

  6. Loved it but cannot find out how much money is in the money pack. @TTPM @TTPM  Can you describe what is in the money pack precisely? Necessary for redistribution of monopoly money when our five games get dumped off the shelf!

  7. Uh oh , just realized some more complaints… The money still has an image of a train and a hotel on it. In the game play, there are no hotels and no railroads. Also I realize the products are in 1000s of dollars. For instance CocaCola is worth 400,000 , however eacH bill is in singular units. In other words a 50 dollar bill is worth 50,000. Fail.


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