Prometheus | Destroy the Ship | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY


In this clip from Prometheus (2012) Shaw tells Janek he has to destroy the ship because “it’s carrying death – and it’s headed for Earth.” Janek and his crew members have a vital decision to make…


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Prometheus | Destroy the Ship | ALIEN ANTHOLOGY


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  1. And this is why we need Prometheus 2 – the sequel of Prometheus and the prequel to covenant. I want to know what happened to Elizabeth and the creature at the end of Prometheus.

  2. One of my favorite flims. Don't expect alien. Just enjoy it for what it is. I truly think we would if seen the continuation off the engineer if people didn't whinge about the alien.

  3. This (and the first film) was the best of the lot. Such a pity they chose not to pursue the "meet-your-maker" story line in Covenant and instead just regurgitated more creature-feature. It seems like the writers had an argument during the writing of covenant and abandoned what they were building up to in Prometheus.

  4. Did like the movie overall and way better than covenant. But a completely foolish and unnecessary kamikaze move. You radio home to Earth and tell them what's coming and let them shoot it down or send out a group of ships to destroy it.

  5. the elements in that alien ship is really something… its very hard and even after it crashed its still in one piece

  6. I don't understand all the complaints from the review people and movie snobs. I'm a super alien fanatic and horror movie enthusiast in general. This movie was great on many levels and was ahead of it's time I think , it was great as alien prequel people who think otherwise need to get off their high horses and looks at every single horror movie that's come out after the year 2000 , and anyone with a brain would know there hasn't been very many good ones since the 90s and 80s. This was the best thing since Alien itself 👽🛸👾

  7. To solve THE "civilization exam", living beyond money and religion, is only possible with 'resource based economy'! Only then this planet will become the paradise it deserves, for all its inhabitants, only then humans will become from animals to gods, only then the universe will open its doors then! This is not revolution, but evolution! Learn more about 'resource based economy' and share!

  8. These guys basically repeated the sacrifice of the engineer that created life of earth, but instead they gave their lifes to prove their kind has the right to live

  9. The problem for Prometheus was that many people went into the film thinking it was going to be another Aliens, but it wasn't. It was not that Prometheus was a bad film, it was just not what many people thought it would be, and to be fair the film makers did originally say it would be an Aliens prequel, but then changed their minds to make something different. Basically Prometheus was too intellectual for many of the braindead to comprehend, as they just wanted another US Marines vs Aliens type film?

  10. I really mad that the way they kill her .
    She is a good character and she deserve a better role like ripley

  11. This ship has no weapons? missiles? cannon?…. for an interstellar mission in an unknow alien planet? the only way to fight is to rush? hummm ok interesting…

  12. I liked this movie, but the way the engineers seems to have medival tech is dumb, THE way they gonna kill Earth is dumb, the octupus alien is dumb, so many dumb things

  13. I just hated the ending line that was so whiny. “Because I deserve to know.” Made a complex character sound so teenager like.

  14. This movie had so much promise. The alien ship changed distances so fast. From being 20 miles away to landing right next to the ladies.


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