RetroN 5 3-in-1 adapter Review


After waiting a long time to see its release, I am happy to be able to review the Retron 5 3-in-1 Adapter from Hyperkin. This device allows you play Game Gear, Master System, and Master System Cards on your RetroN 5. Retail Price will be $59.99 and will ship February 28th to all pre orders.

Link to Hyperkin

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  1. Great review !!! This adapter works in Sega Genesis / Mega Drive ??? Japanese or US Consoles, all models ??? Or only for Retron 5 ???

  2. Hey John, would you recommend the retron 5 over the Super Retro Trio plus? I have the original SRT but the sound is terrible on my HDTV. Even if I wanted a CRT TV, I don't have room for it. I love the idea of playing game gear games on the big screen and with high quality picture but please let me know if you get a chance. Great Review. Thumbs up!

  3. I love Sega music from the 8 and 16bit era. Soo nostalgic and i especially love Master system music without the fm chip with the exception of Rastan … how could Hancock say the Master system suffered from weak audio??

  4. Just have to say wow!!!! There was that many game gear games I had no idea I only had a bat man game and mortal kombat when I had mine…..secondly I need one of these retron 5s


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