RetroN 5 3-in-1 adaptor working on the Mega Drive/Genesis


RetroN 5 3-in-1 adaptor working on the Mega Drive/Genesis

I recently adquire the hyper kin 3 in 1 adaptor for my RetroN 5.
Little did I know, that this would actualy work on the original Mega Drive hardware.

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  1. The colors are wrong because the Game Gear actually has a larger color palette than the Genesis or Mastersystem and the Genesis is treating it like a Mastersystem game. Also I would be interested to see if you can actually press start and play the game gear game or if the start button on the Game Gear is mapped at all to the Genesis controller

  2. I just got done watching metal Jesus and was wondering if this 3 in 1 would work on the model one as it already plays master system games.

  3. Think you for the heads up about the Sega Game Gear colors but I am still going to get this and use it with the Sega Genesis game genie to use the Sega Game Gear Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie games on as well as a few other Game Gear games I don't have any Sega Master games or Sega UV cards games but I have a lot of Sega Genesis and Sega Game Gear games as well as a Sega Game Gear with Sega Game Gear Genie but to try it out with the Sega Genesis Game Genie and the Sega Game Gear Retron 5 adapter will be music to my ears.

  4. Can this Retron 5 3in1 Adapter run on old console as Sega Megadrive 1 or Genesis ? I have not Retron 5 console yet 🙁 I also have not Sega Megadrive yet .

  5. I think its having problems with the game gear colors because the game gear has a higher color pallet than the master system while the master system has a higher resolution yet fewer colors, and the megadrive has the guts of a master system inside it so thats why it won't work. Also its why they never did an official game gear adapter for the megadrive/master system.

  6. "sega hucards" lol

    An interesting thing to note with this is that the Hyperkin adapter works perfectly with the Retro Freak console system. Whereas the Retro Freaks own 3-in-1 adapter does not work with the Retron 5.

  7. Update from my comment 2 weeks ago. Instead of buying this converter, I brought the Retrofreak version of it. I had the same result you had for the Game Gear games, but I couldn't reverse the effects on my Framemeister. Also, I couldn't play the game. I've used 3 and 6 button controllers, plus Master System controllers. I'm using a Genesis model 1

  8. There's a option on the Framemeister to invert the colors of the games. I don't know it you own one, but that's worth a shot

  9. Trying to put in more time in the channel. By the way thanks for introducing me to Deckard Games. Awesome channel lots of knowledge and history which I love. Will also will try to put more time in his channel.

  10. I heard that the controllers on the Retron 5 are prone to stop working. It's a shame cause the console is pretty good.

  11. I've been thinking about getting this because I own a Retron 5, but I also have a Genesis on a CRT for the classic experience and this would allow me to use both for Master System games. However the issue I noticed is the pause button is on the power base converter and I assume this device doesn't have it; so I might still end up getting a real power base converter.

  12. Good to know that there is a way to play Game Gear games on the Genesis. That was one of those things I actually curious about.


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