Skechers Game Kicks from Skechers


Game Kicks are a new pair of sneakers from Skechers that feature a built-in Simon-like game. For full review and shopping info►

Product Info:
Skechers teamed up with SKX Interactive to create a new pair of sneakers called Game Kicks, which feature an interactive game. Located on the interior side of the right shoe, kids can cross their legs to play a Simon-like memory game of lights. Press the “Press to Play” button to begin. The different colored shapes on the side of the shoe will light up. Simply mimic the lights by pressing the same color featured. The game will also play different frequency pitches that correspond to each color. Get the sequence right and another color will be added to the sequence. It will play a string of eight lights in total. Get the entire sequence correct and it will reward you with a mini light show. There is also a sound off button so you can play quietly.


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