So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 9: User Interface Design


Many games require you to have immediate access to a ton of critical information like stats, inventory, mission info, and location. Being able to easily access that info when you need it—and only when you need it—is the result of UI designers working very closely with user experience designers. In this video we review the difference between UX and UI design and hear from visual designers and motion graphics artists about some core considerations for designing UI and ensuring a game experience is consistent, cohesive, and immersive.

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  1. UI design looks sooo cool and fun to do, the UI in Persona 5 was so f*cking fantastical and eye catchy and I've always loved the HP bar shape in Kingdom Hearts

  2. Sonia here, from 홍익대 (Hongik University) in South Korea, one of the top schools here for Art and Design. This semester I was given a class (that I didn't ask for) outside of my knowledge base– English for Games Graphics Design Majors. I reached out to some of the major professors before the semester started, and several responded by sending me their syllabi and course content (and interesting articles). Of course, I also did a lot of internet searching on my own so that I could get a basic understanding of (and appreciation for) GGD and teach in some context. (I am a 50-something year old woman whose gaming career started with Pong and ended with Ms. PacMan). I have found this series to be life-saving (OK, maybe not, but let's say class-saving!). SYWMG is basically my textbook! The subtitles are on-spot, so students with lower level listening abilities can read along. The graphics are helpful for visual learners (also, for teachers like me who need to connect the words to their concepts), and the length is perfect. I cannot thank you enough for creating these and putting them out there for me to find and use!

  3. Hi guys, it's a kind of hard to find content about this. Somebody knows some course or references about this topic?

  4. Their reson for animations = Responsivnes. My UX = WHY I HAVE TO WAIT AND WATCH THIS ANIMATION 1000 TIMES!!!.

  5. Thank you for uploading this information! It is easy and straight forward about the UI design. Before that, I thought that the UI designer create the interactive interface page, after that the UX designer will test on it to see if the UI is functional or not.


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