Sony Xperia XA Review!


My full review of the Xperia XA from Sony after spending a week with it as my primary smartphone.

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  1. I have this Phone right now… And is a trash!!! After downloading games….. System UI has stopped…. But why???????? Because is a trash Phone.. Yessss…. Please explain in any video…..why System UI has stopped.. Pleaseee

  2. I bought it 1.5 years back… Still loving it… Fav phone ever used.. Good looking ui.. Handy… Awesome design.. Not too small nor oversized..

  3. I bought one of these yesterday. In Australia it cost me $149, which puts it in the bargain basement price-range for mobile phones – about the 3rd or 4th cheapest phone available. Given that all I need it to do is sit in my pocket and receive 3 or 4 calls and allow me to post 2 or 3 social media updates per day, the battery life is fine. It's a steal in the current market for users like myself – and it still looks really nice!

  4. I bought xperia xa in Nov 2016, using it happily since. No lag or problem. The camera had accumulated some dust particles because of rough usage (my mistake) got the camera lens replaced for free. Guys you need to understand that you are not only paying for the product but also for good after sales service. Other companies don't have good quality service which can be a real problem (some companies don't even have their own service centers in many cities)

  5. hey man, great vid. Your bid helped me to make up my mind about buying this phone. This is not the best smartphone but it suits a Sony junky like me and hey, what's the name of the RPG game you played in the video? Nice graphic

  6. would it last a day on all day wifi, few min of calling, 4-5hrs of mobile data, few snaps and all day location services…(I go out cycling on long rides )

  7. I am highly interested in buying Xperia XA ….its now 15k…shall I buy it? Any experienced user? I know that the specs on paper is not good..but it performed decent enough even with shall I buy it?

  8. The previous Sony phones like Xperia V, T, L, TX, SP etc were all legendary for their amazing designs. Its weird as to where Sony got the idea to make box-like designed phones. What the hell?!

  9. this phone is good i I just got it, all I use it for is facebook and snapchat and phone calls for that for me it works great, the battery will last for most of the day before you need to charge it again.


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