Sony Xperia XA Ultra Review


By and large, Sony’s 2016 X lineup of devices seems to have failed to right the ship. With the XA Ultra—the final member of the series—now on our doorstep, it’s time to see if this giant, 6-incher can make a difference.

Sony Xperia XA Ultra Review:

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  1. Don't believe this guy, he's an idiot. The screen on this phone is beautiful, plus it's an amazing looking phone. It does have a couple of short comings – small battery and internal storage – but for the price it's a great phone.

    I've got this tiny weird glitch/tint /blur on the left hand side of the screen.
    Performance is appalling, apps and info take ages to load, some apps don't update at all.
    UTTER PIECE OF TRASH, wish I'd never bought this F-ING PIECE OF GARBAGE.

  3. Is Sony a reliable brand? I've never owned one but I'm sick of Samsung slow bullcrap, home button peeling off, overheating, etc…

  4. before you go complaining how crappy it is, well this is sort of a budget phone from SONY, not GALAXY NOTE level, more like J7
    what do you expect from sub $200? this is a pretty good phone

  5. Anyone who has a Sony XA Ultra needs a screen protector and a case? I am giving away them for free, brand-new. I am located in San Francisco. Just let me know.

  6. to be honest, i understand his accent. people who have problems with his accent is experiencing "first world problems".

  7. His english sounds like he's holding a hot potato in his mouth…can't understand nothing.
    I like more indian bollywood sounding accents in phone reviews.

  8. I use it as a second phone, substitute of my Xperia z5 compact.. Xa it's OK.. But I cannot live without z5.

  9. Honestly you guys need to stop shitting on sony and spreading bullshit, only reason I came to watch this video (knowing in advanced you would shit on it) is to find out what the frame material was made from.

  10. the people that cant understand what he's saying are either mentally handicapped or dont know english themselves.

  11. Its battery is exhausting very quickly. But at the time of purchase they told that it will last for a longer time even if we use internet. So iam not happy with this set…

  12. This phone has pure and clear Whites and deep dark blacks and this idiot is complaining about the calibration lmao, this phone doesn't need calibration, as I said whites look very white not yellowish like the S7 Edge and also Reds look red not like orange like the S7 Edge, Samsung Fanboy detected.

  13. I dont know what is the point of try to adjust white balance, this phone has better whites than the S7 Edge, S7 Edge has yellowish display.


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