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This is my review of the Sony Xperia Z1 after having used it for two weeks as my daily driver. It came at a time when the flagships from LG and Samsung were both hitting so I had a good chance to really compare what I liked and didn’t like. The Z1 is a huge step in the right direction after such an underwhelming showing with the Xperia Z.

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I follow tech, love tech, and can’t get enough of the latest smartphones and tablets. KABOOtech is my place to showcase the devices launching into the marketplace that are unique and defining for their price bracket. You are getting to see what devices I think are worth covering and getting my opinions forged through using every device day in day out as my daily driver for a minimum of two weeks.

Footage captured on a Canon EOS 500D


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  2. My phone is hang and hot what i do now? I change my battery 3mounth ago change but what i do now?My country name is Bangladesh dhaka narayanaganj?

  3. Sony had waterproof phones with headphone jack and stereo speakers in that time, and now you have companies claiming they removed headphone jack to make the phone waterproof 😂

  4. Hi Kurt! what are the disadvantages of Z1? which is the best sony phone m4 aqua or this one? ; another thing if you would choose between sony or samsung which one will you choose? I'm bit torn between the two brands. thank you

  5. i have this phone, and after transferring all my photos and videos to my SD card, to clear internal storage, there are still a ton of pictures that won't transfer, after clearing the Sd card, it still says there is nothing else to transfer even though there are still atleast over a hundred images that never transfer, so how do i get these images out of my internal memory without deleting them, please help me, thankyou,  also i want to know if the Z1 is supposed to come with a waterproof cap for the headphone jack, because mine did not ?

  6. According to pre installed apps and color, we have exactly same version, no bad viewing angles or anything, the perfect version 😉

  7. Which panel? JDC or Sharp? Looks like JDC to me 
    This works without root:
    1,install and run
    2, cd /sys/devices/mdss_dsi_panel
    3, cat panel_id

    Thats all. I will be happy for thanks

    xda link –

  8. I have that phobe it sukes it turns on and off by itself it randomly freezes it flickers and it's not scratch protected and it runs out of battery fast

  9. be prepare for random shutdown in the z1, power+volume up and power+volume down, red reset button, that pretty much summed up its real world use


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