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This phone unboxing by T-Mobile’s AskDes features the Sony Xperia Z3 smart phone. The Sony Xperia Z3 is equipped with a 5.2” full HD screen, 20.7 MP rear camera, and is waterproof. Check out T-Mobile’s phone offerings here:

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This video is an unboxing of the T-Mobile Sony Xperia Z3 phone by AskDes.


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  1. Thank you . At last a nice cell phone from a country that might not embrace eating dog meat . This is great . This may just be my next phone .

  2. roger carter do you like the sony z3 i have the samsung s6 active on a&t i am getting t mobile today witch to get the s6 edge or regular samsung s6??

  3. I just ordered this phone. It looks sick. I'm so excited. I searched a lot about pretty much every phone before buying this phone. This is the best phone on the market now(Samsung s5 also not bad actually). Apple is shit compared with this phone.

  4. Hey I'm a big fan can I have one for free plz I have eveyone on YouTube and fans have a phone plz plus almost all of friends has a phone plz I need theis plz

  5. Des mentions in the video that the phone comes with 6 movies…..   has anyone seen any details about this anywhere other than this video?

  6. Open up the color selection and make the z3c available and T-mobile should have a hit on their hands. This is Sony's dagger if they can keep up with OS updates and reliability, but someone has to open up the full gamut of Sony products here in the states. Go T-mobile!

  7. Just announced today, the Sony xperia z3v is coming for verizon available October 23 for $199 with contract and off contract price not yet specified, what a bummer! Still no news about t-mobile release date nor price.

  8. Sony have nailed it with the Z3 its got to be one of best high end android phones to date to rival the i phone 6. I love the new design i have the z1 still great but the z3 looks like it has a much better screen and display. I think it will rival the i phone 6 in terms of sales it really is amazing to be able to connect it up with the ps4 is brilliant. The cross play feature is a master stroke from sony i love the xperia range. It looks like sony were right to ditch the ericsson brand and go it alone they have done well

  9. I am a jump customer, and waiting on this phone to come out, will probably get it the first day out, I have been a T-mobile customer for over 10 years now. So please understand that I am not knocking T-mobile, I have been pretty generally happy most of my time with T-mobile and can't wait until the network gets beefed up the next 9 months. So let me be very critical for a moment, T-mobile has done this with every single phone that I have bought since my T-mobile Wing. That box is EMPTY! Sony sells that phone with headphones and the magnetic charger… a pair of Sony headphones can not be that much and we are paying over 600 dollars over the 2 year period… I think it's cheap that a pair of headphones is not included. Also, why have you NOT sold the magnetic charger, they have used the same one for 3 generations of phones, and this is a small problem in a big disaster, T-mobile, you were the LAST major carrier to get the iPhone, you were the FIRST major carrier to have the first Android phone, yet you sell more accessories in your stores for iPhone than you do for any other phone you sell… you have more android phones activated than iPhones, show some love to those of us you got started on Android huh? End of rant, but I know it is not the end of my frustration.


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