Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact – Review!


Sony has created one of the most compelling tablet offerings to date. With its PS4 compatibility, incredibly thin and robust form factor, powerful processing package and road warrior worthy battery life, the Z3 tablet compact impresses. See our full review!

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  1. Seems great considering the current state of Android tabs, no wonder it’s still a bit pricey secondhand. Amazon Fire and many others look like a dog compared to this 6 year old machine.

  2. I honestly enjoyed the video and one day or someday I would like to buy this item! I learned a lot from this guy on here

  3. SONY; XPERIA Z 3 TABLET ; RAM 4 GB; ROM 128 GB; BATERY 10.000MAh; ÓTIMO !!! PARABÉNS 🎉🎊🍾 🎊🎉📱📱📱🍾🥇👏👏👏👏; SONY XPERIA Z3 TABLET …………………OK!!!…………………………………

  4. I just moved to the Columbian ice fields in Alberta and I ordered one of these off amazon Just now. I have the z3 phone and my ps controller here too.stoked to get this..

  5. Ash sure has come a long way from this. He may have very well started from the bottom, and now has the best cinematography of any tech reviewer on YouTube.

  6. what an awesome review – I may get this now as I am a massive playstation fan and have all the gaming devices – i'm disappointed with the camera but the other features make up for it.

  7. Sadly Today i returned mine.. Its great in specs great stereo sound great in gaming except poor cameras . Only but its very weak built extremely poor camera. After a week use of gaming playing Modern Combat 5 & nfs No limits the screen started to loose up.. Its hard to explain i mean to say when i press the screen it started tuc tuc sound .. Which was coming out from underneath the screen.. Its a very fragile device..
    ( one more important advice for all of you there r 2 version of this tablets wifi & Lte version.. Sp611Model is without sim card its a wifi version .. Whereas model no sp621 is LTE version in which u can use Nano sim .. Hope its helpful for u guys )

  8. Hello there, Too much confused which one to buy:
    1. Xperia z3 compct tab
    2. Asus zen pad z8 580 ca?

    Interest in: Gaming, Reading, Net browsing etc.

  9. what's the thing called from which ps4 controller attaches with tablet
    what that thing called please tell me anybody

  10. I am in a big dilemma. I want a new tab and I want either the samsung galaxy tab s2 8.0 or the sony Xperia Tablet Z3 compact they are both roughly the same price can some one help me out?


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