Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Review!


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Does Sony’s Xperia Z4 Tablet stand out among the sea of Android tablets out there? We find out, in this Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet review!

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  1. Simply awesome tablet🚄>JustU.Faith/SonyZ4Tab?比 super thin, super light, very high quality. I'm giving 5 stars without any reservation.

  2. How about daylight viewing? Heard some Samsung pads prividing daylight mode…500-600 nits brightness. & apple boasts about air-reflective screen.

  3. Hi, I am not sure if you're gonna notice my comment. but, I'm just curious how the tab z4 is like in 2019. I mean, this was the last tablet sony made since then. I still believe it has great screen and great processor

  4. Sony plz don't take alot off money for average products if u want to grow nd cross Samsung you can do it in sleep bcz you are the best plus make phones tabs that people want bring all in make a buzz before realse you are soo bad in marketing sony

  5. Sony is best brand everything breathing about them
    They are behind bcz they charge alot Samsung is nothing against sony
    There is something when i use sony phone or tab that experience is unique no one can beat them from ui to display
    Display is best in sony phone best nd my frvt was z ultra
    They done everything what people wanted like me
    They should make more phones with 6 inch plus best proccer with great battry z ultra had everything

  6. Hi I just post thanks for sharing this video. I'm pretty new to the tablet name thingy but I've heard of Sony tablets before. So If your look for a tablet for having gaming as well as surfing is this the tablet for you.just asking. You also mention in this video that youSims freeplay can play PC games on this as well. Is thesegames already pre-installed on the tablet or you would have to go through a process to download them & is it a must to have it if you don't/never ever play PC games just asking. I look forward to your reply a.s.a.p. Tafs

  7. Love just wish for a few changes. Type-c charging, and less portrait side bezels. Other than that love the tablet. Dammit Sony take all my 💵

  8. I really want this tablet but even in 2017, but I think I'm going to purchase the new Amazon fire hd 10 next month because it's $150 hopefully it'll be on sale for black Friday.

  9. I have that problem before with my Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 but then I had it fixed and they came back the same way not the hotness the blinking and the shutting down part in the freezing but now at 100 2 90 something percent it's it works good without blinking of freezing and shutting down on me but when it goes down to like 69 that's when it starts so thinking to buy another tablet like a levono yoga Tab 3 Pro or a levono yoga Tab 2 Pro

  10. damn is that background music you guys used here must be haunting you its Vile AF! (perfect review though ^_^ )

  11. Wow it's a great tab for book reading! including pdfs. Much better than eink readers – slow. & this dev can work for so long time if you only read and search in books…

  12. Shodent whats happening @ 3:46 have some kind of censouring here on Youtube? Some of todays games are just Beyond Sick… !!!

  13. Is there a reason to get this over the Pixel C anymore, given the tablet doesn't seem to be going down in price anywhere?


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