Spiderman and Ironman play football – Funny movie for kids


Spiderman and Ironman play football – Funny movie for kids.

New adventures begin! Cartoon for kids and children with superheroes in real life.

One fine day, Ironman feel very sad when he was home alone, he relaxed by exercise, resistance and swimming but he still

feel not very good, he has to think about Spiderman and call Spiderman to invite him to play footballball. Both present

themselves as a bad football player : D. One unfortunate day of Ironman, he lost Spiderman, Ironman appointment Spiderman

next time they play football again and he will definitely win Spiderman.

00:16 Ironman pushups.
00:35 Ironman swimming.
01:40 Call to Spiderman.
02:45 Drive motorcycle to soccer field.
04:25 Call to Spiderman again.
05:25 Spiderman srive car to soccer field.
06:14 Receive calls from Ironman.
07:50 Spiderman meet Ironman.
08:50 Talk about the rules of the game.
11:20 Spiderman play football.
13:00 Ironman play football.
15:10 Ironman lost.
16:00 Ironman appointment Spiderman play football again.

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