Storage Wars Mega Video Game Find 2017 Part 1 INTRODUCTION Rene Nezhoda


Hi guys!
You seen the Storage Wars Episode with the crazy Video Game Find.
Over the next few weeks we will be uploading more videos with some of the games and systems we found. So Subscribe if you want to get all the Updates.

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Please watch: “(1) 7.5 Million DOLLARS CASH found in California Storage Unit Wars Auction ”



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  1. I like your video about video games and that you have information for people to learn more about video games. Thank you so very much. I love video games. I am looking for Panasonic real 3do games.

  2. Hi!!! Good morning or good afternoon or good night !!! I am from Brazil!!! I watch you every day in storage wars!!! I am a collector by gijoes and the tão scales!!! ( 3 3/4 or 1:18 and the 1/6 scale too and i am starting onde collection by video games !!! I would like to get your e-mail adress for future negociations!!! For buy and some trades too!!! Here in Brazil we nave 3 toys scale 1/6 gijoe that are exclusives and only have 400 (four handred of every one- 1200 um total in Earth planet!!! ) send me your e-mail… future sales for foi and me!!! Thank you for see my comment!!! God and Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit beleza vou mas ali your family!!! Send me your e-mail!!! Thanks!!!!

  3. All the video games have a bunch of crap….. they will sell for 3 for $1 or a big box for $3-$5 ….. oh, still catridges? Worth even less… 😒 U paid for all that crap—you’ll never get your money back, that’s for sure !!

  4. Ive watched storage wars a good bit but never knew you were into video games nor did I know you sold them at your store. Freaking awesome score dude, my jaw dropped when I saw the few games that were showed on the surface in the episode with fluffy gamer. Freakin amazing find!

  5. I love this show. Have just found it again. Am on my iPad and hope I can find it on my tv that uses a fire stick which is new to me…".

  6. Out of breath because you ate so much food . It wasn't the one time of eating all the food it's the years and years and years and years of eating too much food !

  7. I'm a part time storage buyer for fun and after the show started and got popular it really turned into a nightmare. There would be like 100+ people showing up for the auction. It's seem to calm down a lot but I've just been bidding/buying online. Great Videos Guys!!! Thanks

  8. The caution seamen game might not be worth a WHOLE LOT, but it might be worth something due to the fact that it is actually narrated by Leonard Nemoy.

  9. the problem with vintage games is Atari and the rest of the game systems have brought back retro gaming systems with 40 games loaded in which drives down the original game prices people are asking for…

  10. "This goes for about $200 on ebay" – throws it down. yeah dude, like anyone is gonna buy that off you the way you take care of it.

  11. oh man i really like your collection and way of your dealing. hope you had made lot of money, one more thing that you have super cute baby 😛

  12. Lol at this. Good for Rene. I can hear the heart of Pat the NES Punks heart breaking from across America with jealousy that Rene has all these games. I know from listening to Pats podcast that he will not deal with this guy. All those games out of Pats hands.

  13. Msx games are mostly Japanese plus the Arabian games made in the gulf, any Korean/ Taiwanese are eather hacks or pirated games that are not worth shit to a true collector.

  14. Game emulators and ROMs have destroyed the value of these old cartridge games and systems.  You can download an Atari emulator and every single game ever made for Atari for free and under 1 hour of downloading time.


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