STRAIGHT POOL: Shane Van Boening vs Billy Thorpe | 2019 US Open Straight Pool Championship


CSI presents the…2019 US Open Straight Pool Championship
May 27-29, 2019
Griff’s Billiards
Las Vegas, NV

Shane Van Boening vs Billy Thorpe

Event Sponsors/Affiliates
CueSports International, Cyclop Balls, Discount Custom Apparel, Griff’s Billiards, JB Cases, Kamui, Predator, Simonis Cloth

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  1. Thorp makes a rookie mistake with his secondary break shot by shooting into the cluster too soon BUT WORSE he goes into them with a blocker ball in front and no way to get into a pocket.. he had lots of other balls open to work with.

  2. you guys are wrong. The "pump-stroke" is quite common among all players. when i stop pumping i start missing. i don't understand the dynamics yet but it helps me go straight though my shot.

  3. I have a few questions:
    1. What I should do when the last ball is on the racking point?
    2. What I do when cue-ball goes in, should I move it anywhere and do I get negative points?
    3. What happened when I got braking foul, what's happening then?
    4. Do I get negative points if I pot the wrong ball in the called pocket?

  4. Mr.Thorpe is well on his way to greatness, especially with his attitude. He and Shane appear relaxed and friendly no matter which of them wins.Great sportsmanship from both.

  5. Apparently Shane stopped into Shooters in Burnsville, MN just a couple of weeks ago while he was near his hometown and visiting family/friends. I wish I would have been there that Monday night to meet him. In any case, this pool hall has 64 pool tables.. must be one of the largest halls in the Midwest. Apparently his hearing aid technology is designed and/or manufactured in the Midwest by a friend of his.

  6. Around 29:30 commentator talking about Shane's income of over 100k/year like it's high, but there's not a whole lot you can be top 2 at in the world and only make 95k-190k per year. There's some NBA bench warmers making over 1 million.

  7. 28.55 you see Thorpe getting up thinking yup he is not making that then sits down with a smile on his face lol

  8. Maybe rules changed as I haven't watched 14.1 in a bit, but didn't they used to have to go past the head string with the cue ball on the last shot/before next rack? Nvm, think I found the answer as it's a variation of the game.

  9. These commentators are very relaxing. Not the most informational commentary, but it sure is pleasant to listen to.

  10. 38:25 – Following the 9 results in a poorer tangent line on the next shot on the 8 ball to open the pack of balls (4, 14, 10, 3, and 15). Playing the 8 into the left corner is a better shot because Billy didn't want to disturb a break ball he might use (7).


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