SWGOH : February Top 15 Tourney- Ahnald gets Evicted?! Gamechangers @ EA!!


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Whats up my friends! I cannot wait to show you this video- last night several of the game changers were up late filming a tournament based on the February top 15 characters poll! We ended up having…. a little too much fun that almost (well, kinda did) get us kicked out of Ahnald’s hotel room! Hope you enjoy!

**Team #RevasNotComing**


**Team Pineabpple Juice**


**Team Matt The Radar Technician**


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  1. This video might be the supreme example of community for this game. Thank you all for the hard work. We get to see this fun but the work that goes into it all doesn't get recognized enough. Well earned.

  2. When you watch this two years later and realize IPD was in the top 15 before the HSR came out. How innocent we all were before JKR came out…before DR, before GAS…

  3. My friends don't play swgoh anymore but I've been playing for years
    This video was so fun to watch because it reminded me so much of how me and my friends used to play the game together. It was so awesome to see you all have so much fun together!!

  4. CubsFanHan Did you show this video to CG? Maybe they could put a way to have it in game cause it looked like it was a lot of fun for everyone. I mean just watching it was awesome!

  5. Any thoughts on doing a 64 character bracket? You could post it and let people make their own picks then run it like March madness. Post a new round each week.

  6. I only have 5 of the 15 sad face. And only 1 is 7 stars. I’m so sad to see so many ppl so much farther then me. Much pain such grind

  7. That was amazing! It's great to see you guys are all together having lots of fun! If only Thrawn had won earlier, Rey would have been out!


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