The Best Baal running character in the Game – The Javazon – Complete Guide Diablo 2


An enigma based baal running Javazon build guide.

Time Stamps
00:45 Intro
02:15 Attributes
03:41 Bow and Crossbow Skills
04:01 Passive and Magic Skills
07:38 Javalin Skill Tree
09:52 Gear
22:05 Merc Gear
23:41 Example Run
28:05 Conclusion

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  1. Time Stamps!! (68 fcr breakpoint)
    00:45 Intro

    02:15 Attributes

    03:41 Bow and Crossbow Skills

    04:01 Passive and Magic Skills

    07:38 Javalin Skill Tree

    09:52 Gear

    22:05 Merc Gear

    23:41 Example Run

    28:05 Conclusion

  2. Why does everyone put enigma in a stupid ass dusk shroud? It looks so freaking stupid. Pick a decent looking armor for crying out loud. With that kind of gear, sacrificing a couple defense won't make even one bit of difference. If I'm putting that much time into a decked out end-game character, I'm gonna make damned sure that they don't look like such a gomer.

  3. Dbrunski you showed me that the best possible diablo 2 experience is actually single player with plugY. The social aspect of it is super flawed right now, and until the remaster comes out and likely even after, this is the best experience. I satisfy the social need by listening to your videos in the background while I grind for loot. Much love and I hope you keep doing this for as long as you enjoy it

  4. I just had 1 correction to made. (Sorry if my english is bad, im from southamerica) ALL the Lightning skills in the Javelin And Spear Skills Synerge with the other 4. If u check, there are 5 Lightning Skills, and everyone has 4 Skills Giving Bonus. Just that bro, love ur guides. I had a 86 Javazon and i only have the Titan's Revenge. Thats sad :/

  5. Thanks for your vid, it's nice to watch. Some questions from starting player here:
    how many points have you invested in dexterity & strength? and how do I get them to the levels of 160 😉
    i miss a video where you show like the process of creating this amazing character, how did it look like on a lvl30, lvl50 or at some important milestones 🙂 would you make one?

  6. In the shields: i like these 2 very nice options
    Sanctuary: for resistances max block and good dext, that it translates some more damage for the amazon.
    and i don´t know why nobody uses the next one??
    Dream: is amazing it has confuse curse, FHR, resistances, MF, extra life and mana, and the main feature: holy shock aura, it increases your ligthning damage very vey good i tried with it and i love it

  7. lol I came back to D2 and found an almost perfect griffin's eye like my first 10 ancient tunnels runs off some random zombie.

  8. I've been playing this game on and off ever since it came out but when I see videos like this it's clear that I still don't know jack crap about it. I've just played it casually and I don't like ladder/group so it wasn't until Plugy that I really got back into it.

    I was wondering do you change your keyboard mapping from vanilla? Any tips of the best way to assign skills and such?

  9. Hey im just getting back into this game after dying to the cows on my dads characters over and over like 15 years ago.. i just finished the game on Normal, and now im in the process of doing nightmare (just killed andariel) and theres really a shortage of guides for players who arent on Hell difficulty. Maybe you could do a video of some of the best nightmare gear to hunt for, or budget setups for gear once hell is reached? i realize its an old game and theres not gonna be THAT many new players but i feel like maybe youll inspire some more people to jump back into this dark, eerie landscape?

  10. Too slow and you need to pop many potions, just fast boss killer.., best for this purpose is dual claw trapsin 4k+ life easy and 1k + mana in players 8 mode, no prob in all acts and bosses, the second best is hdin but not for baal

  11. Question why dont you ever show ur Dps? i never seen u do that on thsese vids, only seen liek 6-7 of them tho

  12. I agree with you on the Aldur's boots. Probably my favorite boots to wear when I'm not hungry for MF and need to wear War Travs. Plus, I always end up finding Aldur's well before I get a pair of War Travs anyway. I wear them on most of the characters I play, unless I need the crushing blow from gore riders or something. 40 FRW, 50 Life, 10% dmg to mana, 40-50FR.. just great stats for a pair of easily obtainable boots.

    I haven't played a javazon before, but I'm getting the urge to after watching your vids on it. I've played bowazon plenty and it's my 3rd favorite char behind blizz sorc and trapsin. I may have to give this a try soon.

  13. First of all, REALLY love your videos! I get to relive all of my childhood nostalgia without the effort! Lol. Last time I played (2009ish?) my favorite Baal Run character was my lightning Sorceress with an Infinity Merc. I recall the Sorc damage output far exceeding the Javazon's capabilities, plus you don't need an enigma! 😎

  14. I really like you mentioned Silkweave as viable Boots:) <3 they were my favorite and let you have more fun if you have Infinity and all the other lategame goodies

  15. the 15% damage taken goes to mana on enigma and aldur boots actually doesnt give you the mana but made you lose instead life!

  16. wow never made a zon after all these years
    always thought they looked cool
    charged strike getting almost 45k dmg per aa is pretty nuts

  17. The dual leech benefits a lot from the attack rating. That is some good use out of the minimal added damage.

    One more thing about the enigma though: that 8% damage reduction seems to be overlooked a lot but it's amazing and it works well with the 5% to max life which benefits from the extra points in vitality because you get a lot of strength.
    Even without the plus to skills, teleport and mf, those three mods are what makes the enigma great. You can get the plus skills and mf elsewhere and teleport charges are a bit of a hassle to switch to if you also have a cta and to recharge, but when you don't yet have an inventory filled with skillers and mf/res/life charms, a couple of gems, rings, amus and wands/orbs fixes that problem easily.

    What I'm saying is that the order of impact the mods on this armor have should probably be ranked as follows:
    1: added strength(=vit)
    2: 8% damage reduction
    3: 5% to bigger butt
    4: 45 frw o_O (arguably that beats 5% bigger butt but I like big butts and I can't deny. Walking faster doesn't just speed up things, it keeps you safe in many situations, although on a javazon you have charged strike so yeah, bigger butt>faster walking)
    5: bonkers amounts of mf for free with all this safefy
    6: less hassle with teleporting=allowing for easier and much faster cta use and saving time on not having to pick up trash for gold
    7: 14 life per kill is a lot, but only in crowded areas like chaos, cows, pit, etc.
    8: 15% dmg to mana(depending on situations LIKE WITH BAAL'S stupid mana drain and crits this goes up in usefulness up to 4th place, but generally it's just a super nice convenient time saver and not a life saver)

    If you're playing an mf sorc, you don't care much about the tele, life per kill and hopefully you don't get too much mana from getting punched in the face and this still is the best armor in the game to mf and stay alive while doing it.
    The defence rating though… Might as well be 0. Maybe it's of some use if you're going to tele and walk with a paladin or barbarian or maybe a druid, but in all other cases having 10% block chance already does more than having defence. Pump that to between 30% and 50%, combine it with damage reduction and extra vit and you have plenty of time to heal up before the next hit land -says the guy who got caught by two boss groups of flayers with might and fanatism, got cursed and died wearing an enigma. Did I mention your tele and your attacks can be interrupted :p

  18. @Dbrunski125

    🥳🎉Happy new year🎉🥳
    Really love your Content, I have been going through a rough couple of years personally. I started playing D2 LOD about a year ago to take my mind off the negativity and came across your videos recently. So far you have helped me get plugy going, loot filter, your loot filter settings, areas to farm and so much more. Also i think you interact awesome on live stream. I will become a paid member here soon, just moved to a new city and starting a new job at the moment. I definitely love acquiring d2 sp wealth, and I think a vid on your d2 stash hardware and wealth would be a cool vid. Good luck in 2020 & keep up the great work!

  19. personally, i prefer phoenix over spirit, because you dont have to use manapots and it has nice %max res & dmg

  20. Its slowest to tele, if farm xp stand in the corner with this 2hand +xp staff any party do enough dmg
    Used to be cow farmer #1 but now.. yes boss Very very expensiv and light sorc with that gear level still better..

  21. 1.10 rune words really broke The game. There is no difficulty, even in players 8. I prefer to suffer and fail at progressing than this….

  22. I'm somewhat questioning the gear choices but then again people will always play how they wanna play and IMO Javs can work with a lot of different gear setups that's why they're so good. I just got back into D2 again and made myself a zon, i'm mostly using facet gear though. Sick videos, keep it up.

  23. When youre at the point where you are in(end game fully geared), you shouldnt care what wep type or body armor is on merc You should be focusing on the level that item gives ex level 17 convic. aura compared to a level 12 one.

  24. nice video 🙂 but what i kinda dont like is that almost every build guide from you requires like best in game gear xD. anyways keep on! i really do enjoy watching your videos.

  25. can anyone tell me please how can i deal with lighting resistant? what can i use against them? i am in hell and i have serious problems. thank u a lot


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