The Bombing Islands Game Sample – Playstation


The Bombing Islands (or “The Bombing Islands: Kid Klown no Krazy Puzzle”) is another entry within the little-known (but slightly appreciated) “Kid Klown” series, and the less mediocre version of the modified “Charlie Blasts’ Territory” that was released for the N64. Originally released in Japan in 1997, it was released about a year later in PAL territories and three years later in the U.S. It was generally a decent enough puzzle game upon its release with a small spin on the “Bombuzal” formula, but a bit pointless as you can get general solutions for levels and such if you can’t solve them yourself.

Without the manual, the game doesn’t really explain why you’re doing anything in the game, so I’ll tell you:

“Thousands of light-years from Earth, Planet Clown drifts in space, inhabited by a people who live a quiet and peaceful life. Everything changed one day when the citizens found hundreds of blue bombs all over the planet. If something isn’t done, beautiful Planet Clown will blow up into tiny little pieces! Desperate for a solution, King Clown sent a royal decree to Kid Clown: Clean up all the bombs in the six lands.”

“Wow! A royal request straight from the king!” exclaimed Kid Clown. Ignoring the danger, the enthusiastic Clown set off to clean up the explosive mess. Can you help Kid Clown blast the bombs and save the planet?

Playing as Kid Clown, your goal is to blow up all the bombs on a level by any means necessary, using a red detonator bomb as the biggest piece in the puzzle. The stages start off simple enough, but you’re soon confronted with a variety of obstacles from spikes and falling platforms to oil, ice, and more. You collect medals depending on how many steps you get (and if you collect all sixty gold medals, you can unlock a special stage). The game doesn’t have saves, but you can use passwords. The audio/visuals were pretty good for when the game originally came out (nice sharp visuals, childish music) and the game should be cheap these days. If you like puzzlers, I’d pick it up.

This is a video of the first few levels. Enjoy.


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  1. I received this game as a gift when i was ten, ish. if i was less of an introvert, i'd've given it back. I guess it's not like, a bad game, but i was already bored of both final fantasy's available at the time so this was a gift for a gamer that you know nothing about. 'ooo puzzles, that'll keep him vegged for hours'

  2. I remeber playing this all the time even though I had absolutely no idea what to do 99% of the time. Never beat it :,(

  3. Omg….I remember this……..a really good game…..I completed all the levels except the Last Level…lmao it was really hard.. but I was only a kid when I played it

  4. Kind of a shame that they had a budget for anime cutscene in Crazy Chase 2, then for this one they have before-entry level CG animation with entry level modeling for the opening.


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