The Real Life Weapons of PUBG (PlayerUnknown's: BattleGrounds)


In this episode of TFBTV, Jimmy Grant discusses the guns from hit video game series, “PlayerUnknown’s: BattleGrounds”, and compares them to their real life counterparts.

DSA Voyager 18
BCM AR-15 20in
Chinese SKS
Desert Tech SRS Covert
Colt M16A1

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  1. Do you realize that the SKS in PUBG is a fully modernized called the SKS 15, while you’re comparing an SKS 45 to an SKS 15.

  2. A tapco stock? You are holding an SKS with a tapco stock? You do not get to call yourself a purist anymore. You must be cleansed with holy fire. Sssshhhh little SKS, bubba can no longer hurt you.

  3. PUBG Guns’s real names, designed, and country origin
    P1911, Colt M1911, US
    P92, Beretta 92FS, Italy
    R1895, Nagant Model 1895, Russia
    G18C, Glock 18C, Austria
    DEagle, Desert Eagle, Israel
    R45, Chiappa Rhino, Italy
    Skorpion, Škorpion, Czechoslovakia

    Uzi, Uzi Pro, Israel
    Vector, KRISS Vector, US
    Tommy Gun, Thompson SMG, US
    Bizon, PP-19 Bizon, Russia (hard to obtain)
    UMP45, H&K UMP45, Germany
    MP5K, H&K MP5K, Germany

    Assault Rifles
    AKM, AKM, Russia (that time was the USSR)
    Groza, OTs-14 Groza, Russia (really hard to obtain, only used for the Russian Army)
    MK47 Mutant, CMMG MK47 Mutant, US
    Beryl M762, FB Beryl M762, Poland (hard to obtain, only made in Poland and Nigeria)
    M16A4, M16A4, US
    M416, H&K HK416, Germany
    G36C, H&K G36C, Germany
    QBZ, either QBZ-97/95, China (really hard to obtain, only used in the People’s Liberation Army)
    SCAR L, FN SCAR L, Belgium

    SLR, L1A1 SLR (NOT the FAL, they are two different guns), Britain
    SKS, SK 15 (modernized SKS) (this is where you messed up, you’re comparing a SKS 45 to an SK 15, and it’s modernized version of the SKS, but the gun itself is not an SKS), Russia
    Mini 14, Ruger Mini 14 GB F, US
    QBU, QBU 88 (really hard to obtain same reasons as the QBZ)
    VSS, VSS Vintorez, USSR, (hard to obtain)
    MK14, MK14 EBR, US

    S1897, Winchester Model 1897 “Trenchgun”, US
    S686, Beretta 686 “Silver Pigeon”
    S12K, Saiga 12K
    DBS, DP12, US

    AWM, Arctic Warfare Magnum, UK
    M24, M24 Sniper System, US
    Kar98k, Mauser Karabiner 98K, Germany
    Win94, Winchester Model 1894 AE, US

  4. That scope on the slr?? I thought u would have to get a scope and put screws on the gun that is freakin awesome

  5. I don't know if other people are seeing this but it really bugs me a lot! How the fuck do you hit someone when the enemy is running and you aim behind him? is it logical to LEAD? and yet you can still hit them because i can see the blood!!! That makes absolutely no sense!!!


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