The Reason People Are Afraid Of Build-A-Bear


Today is another episode of the new Nostalgic series! In this video we are talking discussing some weird facts about Build-A-Bear…

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  1. The colorful hearts teddy bare was my first one and I still have it……are the eyes ganna pop off?!?!

  2. I have one build a bear that I grow up on and I still have it I really forgot about but I like that had that even tho the outfit was really uncomfortable to sleep with

  3. Me sees video on recomended section me I have a build a bear o NO!!!!!!😅😅😅😅😅😂😂😂

  4. I had the colorful hearts bear. The eyes did pop out, but luckily I just told my mom about it.
    I tried to find it, but idk where it went.

  5. That happened to me I was 8 when it was happening and I never had time to go because right when I went in the car we got a notification that the whole mall shut down

  6. Jessie's fan: wElL I hAd eLevEn bUiLd A bEarS! My brother watching YouTube and hears the video I'm watching: what's a build a bear?

  7. I went to a party and we all got to make a very own bear from builder bear…

    Mine was pink and i we got to make a diy shirt

  8. Americans:omg they are so expensive in my time like they don’t exist any more
    Me as Australian:dud they are like 150$ and are still there they follow me everywhere

  9. Wait wait wait is it just me or is everyone else in the world except for Australia I don’t have them because I preshow last year I went there and build my own bear for my mum

  10. I have 15 build a bears and I just got my 16th and I love it bc I play basketball and it has basketball ears and feet

  11. I remember I had so many build a bears- and I also remember I had a big build a bear house like the box that the build a bears come in? Yea I had one but bigger kskssk


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