The Rules of Straight Pool (14.1 Continuous or Rack Pool) – EXPLAINED!


Ninh explains the Rules of Straight Pool – a popular cue sports table game from the USA.
This is also known as 14.1 pool, continuous pool or rack pool and is not to be confused with 8 ball pool or 9 ball pool
This is a beginner’s explanation of Straight Pool Rules.
Watch this short video tutorial guide on how to play Straight Pool under World Pool Rules.
Learn about sinking, fouls, racking, spotting, combination shots, bank shots and more!

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Video: Copyright CSI, US Open 2019, WPBSA (I do not own any video footage – I claim FAIR USE).
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Music: ‘The Best 3’ by Justin Seven.
Narrated, Directed and Produced by Ninh Ly

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    – As you can tell, I'm working overtime to crank out content for you guys to watch, especially due to this Coronavirus situation. I'M THIS CLOSE TO 100K SUBSCRIBERS – so please help me out by sharing my content!
    – I had a recent influx of enquiries for this sport by my fans. And I'd just watched 'The Hustler', starring Paul Newman. Some of his most quotable lines are from that film, so it inspired me to make this video.
    – Before any unimaginative souls try and make the 'gay pool' joke, about 30 other people made that 'joke' before you. It's kinda lame if you're late to the party with that one.
    – I can see why people love this game, and I can also see why people hate this game. If you don't like it, that's fine because you're entitled to your opinion. But don't be a douche in the comments section – you really don't come across as cool as you think you do.

  2. 14.1 usually is an introductory format and good practice for precisely pot the ball into the bucket as you want.

  3. I'm gonna play this game was supposed to in april in derry but covid. So rescheduled till November or after.. Can't wait to play it

  4. As usual, explanations given simply, straightforward and clean!
    Please consider making a video on Carom Billiards in a more or less distant future. I know it's not the most popular form of billiard around, but it's really the one that requires the most skill and talents!

  5. If you fail to hit sink ball or foul you lose your turn.
    But if don’t intend to sink any ball, you must call a “safety”.
    But if you do intend to sink a ball, and call it, and don’t sink the ball, you lose your turn.
    So…what’s the point of calling a safety? Do you get to keep your turn?

  6. Best explanation of straight pool I've seen and perfectly timed because I've been playing pool in my basement during quarantine. However, I have a few questions: Are there points deducted if you pocket a ball in the wrong pocket, or sink the wrong object ball? Everything I was reading suggested suggested these balls were spotted and there were no point penalties.

    Also, and this happened to me a few times during play, if I call one ball but accidentally sink two, do I get still get a point for the one I called and then just lose my turn, spotting the uncalled ball? Thanks!

  7. Just found your channel & thanks. Haven't played straight pool but definitely give it a go. Also rules if shooting safety Does ball need to touch rail after contact? Tks

  8. What is the ruling when you are bridging over a ball for your next shot and your bridge hand taps a ball. It is obviously a foul but is it a standard foul or deliberate foul? Is it ball in hand then?

  9. Why do you have to call a safety? According to the video you lose your turn either way. So what does announcing a safety accomplish? Keep up the good work!

  10. Do rules of:
    Gp wrestling
    Judo (the new rules)
    Khaza kuzri (or something like that)
    Belt wrestling
    And the rules of red bull ice crash


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