Top 10 Animated RIP OFFS or Coincidences (@RebelTaxi)


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Topics Discussed
Antz V Bugs Life
Pokemon V Hawaiian Slammers
Dennis the Menace UK V USA
Wreck it Ralph, American Dad V Game Over UPN
Bojack Horseman V You Animal Pilot
Juniper Lee V American Dragon
Troll Protectors V TMNT
Filmations GhostBusters V Columbias GhostBusters
Gumball and Adventure Time V Chiniese Knock Offs: Legend of lucky Pie & Miracle Star Milk
The MockBusters V Pixar


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  1. I think you should put an update on the comments or the description because that Kimba vs The Lion King thing didn’t age well at all.

  2. that fish tales movie is a double rip off, what the fuck?
    those fish designs from the background are from an animated movie which is, arguably, a good movie (except for that piece of kelp? and the shark)

  3. dennis the menace is a trust fund kiddie who hasn't seen the true world, unlike dennis the menace, who's actions directly benefit the working class.

  4. dont downlod amino: its a toxic anarchy of an app with powertripped admins and a 'moderation team' who takes years to respond to emails.

  5. 14:51 Chop Kick
    It's all in the mind!

    If you wanna test me, I'm sure you'll find
    That all the things I teach ya is sure to beat ya
    But nevertheless you'll get a lesson from teacher, now kick!

  6. Tbh, I feel like Jungle Emperor Leo and Lion King are too different in terms of core story to be ascribed to ripping off. I think the more sensible theory is that the Disney artists had elements of Leo in their minds hanging out that manifested.

  7. When discussing Antz and Bug's Life, you've got two entirely different things: a masterpiece that's well written with a loveable cast of characters, and Antz.


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