Virgin Angel (PC-98) — Gameplay Showcase (ヴァージンエンジェル)


Game Title: Virgin Angel | ヴァージンエンジェル
Developed by: Crystal Soft
Genre: Visual Novel, Adventure
Released: 1995
Platform: PC-98

Description by mobygames:
In 2080, Tokyo, the capital of Japan, became a center for daring scientific experiments, newest research in space ship technology, and organized crime. A new deadly drug was developed, that enhanced sexual experiences of human beings, eventually subduing their will and turning them into slaves of whoever possessed the drug. A special unit of the police force was assigned to investigate the crimes committed under the influence of the drug, and to find the criminals that distributed it. The player controls the young female investigator Amano Murakumo. Will she be able to survive in this hostile and terrifying world?..

Virgin Angel is a visual novel, i.e. its gameplay consists of decisions that influence the course of the story, instead of true interaction with the game world. There are no command verbs of any kind, but comparatively many points during which the player has to decide what to do next. Some of these decisions may lead to premature end of the game.

The game contains sexual scenes, mostly of lesbian kind.


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