What's on Your Wii? | PDP's Horizontal Stand


What’s that white box thing attached to your Wii? Alright, time we actually talk about it!

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  1. Someone with wood working skills could probably replicate it.

    For me the best part is the little notch in the front to hold the sensor bar.

  2. How come your Wii has a special stand but your Dreamcast doesn't? I would recommend the "Playstation 2" brand Dreamcast stand.

  3. @4:27 clearly says it's for storage only, not to be used there, and to consult the manual for proper bar placement… hahaha. You're doing it wrong :-p

  4. I just picked one up but it is labeled gamers gx-7595. When I type it in I get a pdp manual pdf. So I'm wondering if this is early early or a late remake bought from pdp? Do you have any more info perhaps?

  5. Ah the WII…..
    The only System built to have SD shapes all over it….
    The stsyem itself is shaped like one, all the inputs minus the usb……

  6. Reminds me a bit of a Wii stand I picked up at a Pawn Shop years ago that has a built in screen. I think it was meant for car trips or something… it doesn't work so well for motion games but it's got a decent resolution and works great for playing Gamecube or Wii games not so motion focused.

  7. I have the vertical stand that plugs into the USB and with a click of a switch it glows blue neon like the blue loading slot.😍Love the horizontal stand with compartment though.


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