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This is our games and challenges for today is “Fannee Doolee”
Only here on “Stuff Time!”

Fannee Doolee is a recurring puzzle.
It is a centered on a character who likes any person, place, thing or concept with double letters in it. But hates it’s non-double-lettered equivalent.

Fannee Doolee is now in Southeast Asia.

Here’s an example of Fannee Doolee.
“Fannee Doolee likes Noodles, but it doesn’t like a sauce.”
Why do you think that is?

If you want it to try this game, make up your own Fannee Doolee.
If you don’t know how to play this game,
Watch those other videos to see an examples at the link:

Also, we can share our assignments to other people who likes it.
Comment down below and answer the questions:

1. What is Fannee Doolee?
2. Give us a 5 examples of Fannee Doolee?
3. Also you can post it on their social media sites.

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