Zelda's 2nd Potion & Water of Life | How to Drink


A color changing drink to celebrate The Original Legend of Zelda!
Take this, it’s dangerous to go alone!

Butterfly Pea Blossoms:
Potion Bottles:
Grenadine | How to Drink

The Original Legend of Zelda was released on February 21 1986, and since February 21 is just around the corner I’m celebrating the greatest video game series of all time with a drink. In the original game there were two potions, Water of Life and the creatively named 2nd Potion. Water of life was blue, and 2nd Potion was red, when you consumed 2nd Potion it turned into Water of Life, thus granting a second use; a pretty good deal! In this episode I’m imagining how one might make a 2nd Potion by turning a blue drink Red (ok, more, purplish but go with me) thus upgrading it from Water of Life into 2nd Potion. More importantly, it’s pretty tasty and I think you’ll enjoy it! At the very least your guests will be impressed. The end result sort of reminded me of a Shirley Temple, so just for fun I make one of those too.

2nd Potion

2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Blue Rum
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Simple Syrup
.25 oz. -or- 8 ml. Maraschino
Shake and Pour into bottle
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Lime Juice
~ 3 oz. -or- 90 ml. Seltzer
Combine for color changing completion

Shirley Temple
2 oz. -or- 60 ml. Grenadine
1 oz. -or- 30 ml. Lime Juice
~ 6 oz. -or- 180 ml. Seltzer

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  1. I was that kid when asked at like a family event or party if I wanted a Shirley temple…..id go * naa ill take a Roy Rogers please* LOL

  2. Not sure how I missed this video of yours being a huge Legend of Zelda fan but Link to the Past is my favorite as well!

  3. And now, between this and the Lobe Blaster, you have me researching delphinidin… (one of the many but one of the main stuff in the pea blossoms) hoping I get to choose my own topic for my next research project.

  4. You've really inspired me to start mixing drinks. I even bought a jigger. Thanks for your awesome content, my guy!

  5. "Mah boi, Zelda's piece is what all true warriors strive for!"

    From one of the best Youtube Poops of the Zelda CDI ever.

  6. I can't believe you talked about my two favorite things (Zelda and Shirley Temples) in the same video. I love you, man

  7. Jokes aside, after the "Link below!" sign I was expecting to find that little "excuuUUuse me princess!" hylian in a description

  8. Did I miss something with Link To the Past?? I mean, he loves it…everyone else loves it…they say it's on of the best if not THE best SNES games. I just didn't enjoy it!

  9. I can’t stop watching your videos! Have you ever thought about making drinks that are based off of characters in pop culture? Like three drinks that represent the characters in the tri force? I can’t get the idea of a Zelda drink out of my head. Maybe with elderflower wine?

  10. Love your videos! They are fantastic 😁😁
    You should totally try Chateau Romani if you're feeling more Legend of Zelda stuff 😊

  11. Combine Second Potion and Water of Life… Y/N?

    You have created $econdLifeWater

    Copyright lawyers: HELLO!

  12. I get that people have the nostalgia and everything but ocarina of time was my favorite. It was the first I played (so this is obviously biased) but goddamn if it wasnt awesome. I was born in 1995 so that's prob why. Also fuck the water temple haha

  13. I know this video is pretty old now, but you could use hibiscus tea to react with the butterfly pea! its bright red already, but its also super acidic, so it reacts with the BPF really strongly. it also has a slightly lemony flavor.

  14. Loved this! Now we want the follow up episode; THE NOBLE PURSUIT FROM BOTW!! It's the only actual cocktail served in the only bar I know of in Hyrule; the Noble Canteen.

  15. Hibiscus works for making it more red than pink FYI, I usually do an infusion of black mallow flower and hibiscus and add that with my citrus when I'm doing anything with pea flower because of the increased dramatic color shift. Hibiscus is also super tasty too sooooo yeah.


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